Blues egiptean

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    Sandy Cash cântă Egyptian Revolution Blues.

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      Words and Music by Sandy Cash, 2011

      When we rose up we knew what for
      It was all civil rights and end to war
      So when we saw them fill our screen
      Their square, and all streets in between
      The palace of that potentate and
      His not-so-secret police state
      We turned unto each other and said „Great.”
      We said: „That’s great.”

      It’s power to the people, see
      They want the same as you and me
      Indigenous democracy will kick the butt of tyranny
      The land of Pharoah’s slavery
      Hey, that’s just ancient history…..Kind of poetic, dontcha know.
      Yeah. Let my people go.

      Al-Jazeera, Skye and CNN
      It’s like the thrill of Tiananmen
      Footage that the whole world sees
      Right from the Hotel Raamases
      With huddled masses breathing free
      While Mubarak twists in effigy…..A Star of David on his forehead
      Well, never mind.

      The opposition’s great brown hope
      He has a dream, and he’s no dope
      The moderate El Baraday
      Was Head of the UN’s AEA
      He inspected Tehran’s nuclear stacks
      And told us all, hey dudes, relax!
      Well maybe not the folks in Tel Aviv

      Sure, oppression’s bad and freedom’s good
      Tell that to the Muslim Brotherhood
      Could be that we shall overcome
      And see Egypt free for everyone
      For unveiled women, gays as well
      Full civil rights for infidels But now it pains me to relate
      Chalk up one more for the caliphate.

    2. Gluma egipteana:

      Se spune că Obama l-a sunat pe Mubarak și i-a cerut să scrie poporului egiptean un mesaj de rămas bun. La care, Mubarak a întrebt: “Dar unde pleacă poporul egiptean?“

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