Europa, prin ochii progresiştilor americani – Harta

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„By accepting punishment, not for any sins, but for our virtues, we betrayed our code and made theirs possible. [...] Theirs is the morality of kidnappers. They use your love of virtue as a hostage. [...] Your enemies are destroying you by means of your own power. Your generosity and your endurance are their only tools. Your unrequited rectitude is the only hold they have upon you. They know it. You don't. The day when you'll discover it is the only thing they dread. You must learn to understand them. You won't be free of them, until you do.” - Francisco D'Anconia (Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand, p. 619)

5 gânduri despre “Europa, prin ochii progresiştilor americani – Harta

  1. 🙂 păi, pentru nimic. io doar hoinăream pe cărările vechi ale netului. nici io nu mai vizitasem de ceva vreme cubul poporului.

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