Traian Ungureanu: Încălzismul global, o şarlatanie economică şi politică dezolantă

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6 gânduri despre “Traian Ungureanu: Încălzismul global, o şarlatanie economică şi politică dezolantă

  1. China are un plan de reducere a emisiilor PANA in 2030. De care s-au apucat deja. Ce spuneti e cat se poate de fals.
    „Their pledge as part of the Paris climate treaty was to generate at least 20 percent of the country’s total energy from low carbon sources by 2030. This will be helped by the government’s plans to install an additional 130 gigawatts of solar and wind power in the next three years.”

  2. WSJ zice: „China and India offered benchmarks pegged to GDP growth, which means they can continue their current energy plans. China won’t even begin reducing emissions until 2030 and in the next five years it will use more coal. ”

    pe de alta parte, China a mintit mereu in rapoartele privind emisiile:

    „China has repeatedly falsified its coal-consumption, CO2 emissions, and air-monitoring data even as it participates in the Paris Protocol. According to a December 2015 report from the Climate Action Tracker, it is expected that 2,440 coal-fired power plants will be constructed by 2030, the vast majority in developing countries.

    As an example, China and Pakistan recently began a $3.5 billion joint venture to mine lignite coal deposits in Pakistan that are intended to generate 1.3 gigawatts from coal power plants.”

    Si cum spune si Traian Ungureanu, cum poti avea incredere in orice zice China? Sau Coreea de Nord, alti mari ecologisti.

  3. Plus ca site-ul ala pe care il citezi tu, pare un site de lobby chinezesc.

    Cateva titluri:
    China’s New Type of Quantum Computing Device, Built Inside a Diamond
    China Gets Set To Launch Mars Probe in 2020
    China Government Gives the Green Light to Development of Artificial Intelligence
    A New Space Race Kicks Off Between the US and China

    Nu stiu unde ai putut sa il gasesti 🙂

  4. Bogdan, ce vrei sa fac cu linkurile alea? Citezi un articol elogios la adresa Chinei, iti arat ca e dubios si ca oricum China nu are de gand sa faca nimic si minte ca articolul tau in privinta emisiilor, si tu imi lasi primele linkuri care ti-au iesit pe google?

    mai bine povesteste-mi cum ai dat de site-ul ala.

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