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    Un profesor de la Institutul Menéndez Tolosa din orasul La Linea de la Conception a fost denunţat de o familie musulmană pentru că fiul lor a fost jignit în timpul orei de geografie, în momentul în care profesorul a vorbit de şuncă.

    Profesorul explica diferitele tipuri de clime ale planetei şi a folosit localitatea Trevélez [Granada] ca exemplu de climat rece şi uscat, ideal pentru a întări şunca. Elevul a pretins profesorului „să nu îi vorbească despre şuncă”, pentru că subiectul este jignitor pentru el ca musulman.

    Profesorul a fost acuzat de maltratare şi de motivaţii rasiste şi xenofobe.

    Transcriere video:

    0:00 Larby [phonetic] receives us at home because he hasn’t gone to school.
    0:04 In the morning I don’t feel like getting out of bed.
    0:07 I feel quite bad.
    0:10 Their family denounced one of his teachers after he told his geography class
    0:14 that the cold dry weather of Trevelez [Granada] is favorable for the curing of hams.
    0:18 I said to the teacher: Teacher, would you not speak of the pig around me?
    0:24 He began to tell me that if I didn’t like it, I could return to my country.
    0:29 After the denunciation, the police went to the secondary school to interrogate the teacher.
    0:33 The teacher has been charged with mistreatment motivated by xenophobia,
    0:37 but he denies the charges, and in a press release has explained what was actually said.
    0:44 Here [in class] there are 30 students, and one of them must adapt
    0:47 to the 29 others, and not the 29 others to the one.
    0:50 And if you don’t agree with the learning and the knowledge that we impart
    0:54 in this center, you always have the possibility of choosing to go to another center.
    0:59 The child’s mother nevertheless denounces the xenophobic treatment.
    1:03 Never in all my life have I had any trouble with pigs, on the contrary.
    1:07 And the teacher assures us that in his 27 years of teaching he has never offended
    1:11 either students or members of the educational community.

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    1. Da, asta e. In curand, cel putin in UK ma astept sa fie interzis mancatul pe strada de Ramadan. „Merry Christmas” deja e ofensator si a fost interzis in diverse locuri.


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