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Aici parolim despre alegerile (prezidenţiale şi pentru Congres) din 2012. Sau orice alt subiect american…

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  1. Multumim! Avem our own sand box now. Era cam aiurea: o discutie intinsa la infinit pe un articol despre South Carolina Primaries.
    Criminali cei de la peoplescube as always 🙂

  2. Despre videos? Si-n 2008 au fost destule semnale de alarma ca Obambi nu e OK. Lumea n-a luat aminte. De ex. cu Rev. Wright.
    S-ar putea sa fie la fel si acum.
    Ati vazut? Cica el „deserves a second term”… 🙂

  3. Se pare ca Romney a castigat Maine. Dar, mai important (si surprinzator), a castigat sondajul conservatorilor care au participat la CPAC.
    Discursul de incheiere l-a avut Sarah Palin… mama grizzly on fire.

  4. California este statul cap de afis al politicilor socialiste din SUA. Impozitare excesiva, distrugerea bazei industriale prin masuri de reglementare impuse de ecofascisti, dezagregarea vietii sociale, caderea in ruina a terenurilor agricole, schimbari demografice cu consecinte majore pentru viitor.

    California’s Demographic Revolution

    Hispanics’ reliance on the government safety net helps explain their ongoing support for the Democratic Party. Indeed, liberal spending policies are a more important consideration for Hispanic voters than ethnic identification or the so-called values issues that they are often said to favor. “What Republicans mean by ‘family values’ and what Hispanics mean are two completely different things,” says John Echeveste, founder of the oldest Latino marketing firm in Southern California and a player in California Latino politics. “We are a very compassionate people; we care about other people and understand that government has a role to play in helping people.” That Democratic allegiance was on display in the 2010 race for lieutenant governor, when Hispanics favored San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, the epitome of an elite tax-and-spend liberal, over the Hispanic Republican incumbent, Abel Maldonado, despite Newsom’s unilateral legalization of gay marriage in San Francisco in 2004. La Opinión, California’s largest Spanish-language newspaper, cited Newsom’s “good progressive platform” in endorsing him. In the 2010 race for state attorney general, Hispanic voters helped give the victory to liberal San Francisco district attorney Kamala Harris, who was running against Los Angeles district attorney Steve Cooley, a law-and-order moderate—even in Cooley’s own backyard of L.A.

    Merita citit in intregime.

  5. Happy Valentine’s day, Hongse. Let’s listen to an oldie, but goldie…. My Funny Valentine, in a rendition by McCoy Tyner Quintet from a live performance at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1963.

  6. Super, mersi mult! Si pentru ca aici suntem la Rick’s Café Américain, urez o zi de Valentine fericita tuturor cititoarelor noastre si le dedic un „goldie” din filmul Casablanca, intr-o interpretare ireprosabila:

  7. Star Parker, 20 feb 2012:

    „Santorum stands out in the current Republican field in the clarity of his image and identity. There is little doubt about who the man is and there are no glaring inconsistencies between who he says he is today and his past behavior and positions.
    Even Ron Paul, who is closest to Santorum in consistency and clarity of image, carries the baggage of the sickening racist and anti-Semitic newsletters that once carried his name.”

    … precum si altele…

  8. Satira politica:

    Satira politica nu are sens decit atunci cind vine de la oponenti. Altfel, ce rost ar avea sa ne satirizam intre noi?

    Exista satira de buna calitate, si satira de prost gust. Satira de buna calitate, mai ales cind vine de la oponenti, trebuie apreciata: este cel mai bun mijloc de a-ti identifica lipsurile. Nimeni din tabara ta nu te va trage de mineca atunci cind te apuci sa bati cimpii.

    A aprecia satira de buna calitate nu inseamna a fi de acord cu punctele de vedere ale oponentilor.

    Nu sint un fan al ideilor/ideologiei sustinute de Jon Stewart, dar trebuie sa recunosc ca are skit-urile apropo de candidatii republicani ii reusesc peste masura. In fine, urmariti si voi:

    Cea ma buna linie din cele 7 minute este: It’s not a lie if you believe it! Linia asta este universal valabila, nu e o chestie de stinga/dreapta.

    Iar daca vreti sa va doara burta de ris, vedeti asta:

  9. Roadrunner> Hai sa iti spun un secret: umorul spune multe despre un om. Umorul tau e de calitatea lui Jon Stewart. Felicitari. But, then again, tu nu esti nici de dreapta, nici macar conservator. Esti doar un votant Ron Paul.

  10. Breitbart, 43, died „unexpectedly from natural causes” in Los Angeles shortly after midnight.


    E clar ca avea multi dusmani stingisti, in frunte cu tov. Obambi.
    De ex in clipul de la #5 de aici, pus de Emil – foarte interesant ce spunea pe la 5:23 „I got videos by the way”…
    Nu-s mare fan al teoriei conspiratiei, dar e totusi cusuta cu ata alba sa mori la 43 de ani unexpectedly from natural causes si cu atiti dusmani – toti din Partidul Democrat…

  11. Unul din cele mai frumoase mesaje la moartea prematură a neînfricatului Ziarist, de la Oleg Atbashian, fondatorul „Cubului Poporului”:

    A legend and a hero is dead. Rest in peace Andrew Breitbart.

    When Andrew Breitbart launched Big Hollywood website, he emailed me asking to write for them. Later we spoke on the phone and I wound up writing a few pieces on the topic of pop culture.

    There have been times when I wanted to call his number again, to talk about life, the universe, and everything. Then I thought, „Breitbart must have a lot on his plate right now, and come to think of it, I’m also in a crunch, so why don’t I put down this phone and call him at a better time later.” There had always been that „better time” later – until, all over sudden, the time had ended and none was left anymore. Now there will never be a time to talk to Breitbart.

    We met a few times at various events. Andrew was always warm, cheerful, and forthcoming. Our last encounter was almost a year ago at CPAC-2011 and a friend filmed some of it for us. I never made it public before because it didn’t seem significant enough. Now that Breitbart has died, every bit of it seems too significant not to publish it.

    It’s the least I can do for you now, Andrew. This, and also to continue the fight you had been a very big part of.

    In your own words, „We, cold warriors, have been vindicated. They never stop. They’re always on the forward march – and not just through the cultural institutions where they act most nefariously – but now they control the top office of the land. We will defy the mainstream media when they tell us not to call it what it is.”

    Defy the mainstream media we will. And, as promised, we will continue to „cure weak liberalism with strong communism” here at at

  12. Ultimul proiect Breitbart va fi difuzat in aceasta primavara: filmul documentar „Occupy Unmasked”, produs in colaborare cu Citizens United. Situl oficial: Clipul de prezentare a fost inaugurat la conferinta CPAC din acest an.

  13. @Pataphyl, #26: S-ar parea ca Breitbart descoperise ca The One ar fi fost gay. Probabil, bomba fiind prea mare, se gindea sa-i dea drumul in timpul campaniei – vara 2012. Ia-n uitati, OK or fi doar birfe, dar daca e adevarat? 🙂 O fi un closet gay asa cum e si closet muslim:


  14. Dan, s-ar putea să fie ceva mai important, că a fost FOREIGN student la Harvard! Chestia cu gay n-ar avea așa mare importanță pentru spălații pe creier cu MuCu & CoPo.

  15. Apropo de link-ul de la @27, lista-i mult mai lungă.
    Conspiratist au ba, n-ai cum să nu-ți pui întrebări, cam contagioasă boala asta de-i zice „Chicago-style pneumonia” (fugea, s-a înfierbîntat, colac peste pupăză glonțul rece,…).

  16. A început! (situl e în clipa asta inaccesibil la mine) a început campania promisă de Andrew în februarie.

    Iată un afiș din 1998, preluat de aici: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.....racks.html


    Andrew Breitbart promised to do what the national media failed to do and vet President Barack Obama. Breitbart may not be here to enjoy it, but the unveiling of his work begins today. At the newly designed Big Government is a column written by Breitbart and a PDF of a 1998 poster billing the play The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, which was a tribute to the radical community organizer. Obama was a state senator at the time, and is listed as a guest speaker for a post-performance panel discussion. The play is about what you’d expect from a group of commies reveling in the memory of a mentor.

    So, what’s in the play? It truly is a love song to Alinsky. In the first few minutes of the play, Alinsky plays Moses – yes, the Biblical Moses – talking to God. The play glorifies Alinsky stealing food from restaurants and organizing others to do the same, explaining, “I saw it as a practical use of social ecology: you had members of the intellectual community, the hope of the future, eating regularly for six months, staying alive till they could make their contributions to society.”

    In an introspective moment, Alinsky rips America: “My country … ‘tis of whatthehell / And justice up a tree … How much can you sell / What’s in it for me.” He grins about manipulating the Christian community to back his programs. He talks in glowing terms about engaging in Chicago politics with former Mayor Kelly. He rips the McCarthy committee, mocking, “Everyone was there, when you think back – Cotton Mather, Hester Prynn, Anne Hutchinson, Tom Paine, Tom Jefferson … Brandeis, Holmes … Gene Debs and the socialists … Huey Long … Imperial Wizards of all stripes … Father Coughlin and his money machine … Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd … and a kicking chorus of sterilized reactionaries singing O Come, All Ye Faithful …”

    And Alinsky talks about being the first occupier – shutting down the O’Hare Airport by occupying all the toilet stalls, using chewing gum to “tie up the city, stop all traffic, and the shopping, in the Loop, and let everyone at City Hall know attention must be paid, and maybe we should talk about it.” As Alinsky says, “Students of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your juicy fruit.”

    Read the whole thing. Included is information regarding the other radicals participating in the discussion and the impression the young Obama made on them, as well as the socialist Midwest Academy that sponsored the event.

    I’m sure this is just the beginning.

  17. P.S. Situl a revenit, preiau aici textul, cu scuze că nu a fost timp pentru traducere:

    Prior to his passing, Andrew Breitbart said that the mission of the Breitbart empire was to exemplify the free and fearless press that our Constitution protects–but which, increasingly, the mainstream media denies us.
    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – “Who guards the guardians?” Andrew saw himself in that role—as a guardian protecting Americans from the left’s “objective” loyal scribes.
    Andrew wanted to do what the mainstream media would not. First and foremost: Andrew pledged to vet President Barack H. Obama.

    Andrew did not want to re-litigate the 2008 election. Nor did he want to let Republicans off the hook. Instead, he wanted to show that the media had failed in its most basic duty: to uncover the truth, and hold those in power accountable, regardless of party.

    From today through Election Day, November 6, 2012, we will vet this president–and his rivals.

    We begin with a column Andrew wrote last week in preparation for today’s Big relaunch–a story that should swing the first hammer against the glass wall the mainstream media has built around Barack Obama.

    In The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama claims that he worried after 9/11 that his name, so similar to that of Osama bin Laden, might harm his political career.

    But Obama was not always so worried about misspellings and radical resemblances. He may even have cultivated them as he cast himself as Chicago’s radical champion.

    In 1998, a small Chicago theater company staged a play titled The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, dedicated to the life and politics of the radical community organizer whose methods Obama had practiced and taught on Chicago’s South Side.

    Obama was not only in the audience, but also took the stage after one performance, participating in a panel discussion that was advertised in the poster for the play.

    Recently, veteran Chicago journalist Michael Miner mocked emerging conservative curiosity about the play, along with enduring suspicions about the links between Alinsky and Obama. Writing in the Chicago Reader, Miner described the poster:

    Let’s take a look at this poster.
    It’s red—and that right there, like the darkening water that swirls down Janet Leigh’s drain [in Psycho’s famous shower scene], is plenty suggestive. It touts a play called The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, Alinsky being the notorious community organizer from Chicago who wrote books with titles like Reveille for Radicals and Rules for Radicals. On it, fists are raised—meaning insurrection is in the air.
    And down at the very bottom, crawling across the poster in small print, it mentions the panel discussions that will follow the Sunday performances. The panelists are that era’s usual „progressive” suspects: Leon Despres, Monsignor Jack Egan, Studs Terkel . . .
    And state senator Barack Obama.
    Miner obscured the truth. His article only reveals only a small portion of the poster. Here’s the whole poster:

    (vezi comentariul precedent)

    So, what’s in the play? It truly is a love song to Alinsky. In the first few minutes of the play, Alinsky plays Moses – yes, the Biblical Moses – talking to God. The play glorifies Alinsky stealing food from restaurants and organizing others to do the same, explaining, “I saw it as a practical use of social ecology: you had members of the intellectual community, the hope of the future, eating regularly for six months, staying alive till they could make their contributions to society.”

    In an introspective moment, Alinsky rips America: “My country … ‘tis of whatthehell / And justice up a tree … How much can you sell / What’s in it for me.” He grins about manipulating the Christian community to back his programs. He talks in glowing terms about engaging in Chicago politics with former Mayor Kelly. He rips the McCarthy committee, mocking, “Everyone was there, when you think back – Cotton Mather, Hester Prynn, Anne Hutchinson, Tom Paine, Tom Jefferson … Brandeis, Holmes … Gene Debs and the socialists … Huey Long … Imperial Wizards of all stripes … Father Coughlin and his money machine … Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd … and a kicking chorus of sterilized reactionaries singing O Come, All Ye Faithful …”

    And Alinsky talks about being the first occupier – shutting down the O’Hare Airport by occupying all the toilet stalls, using chewing gum to “tie up the city, stop all traffic, and the shopping, in the Loop, and let everyone at City Hall know attention must be paid, and maybe we should talk about it.” As Alinsky says, “Students of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your juicy fruit.”

    The play finishes with Alinsky announcing he’d rather go to Hell than Heaven. Why? “More comfortable there. You see, all my life I’ve been with the Have-Nots: here you’re a Have-Not if you’re short of money, there you’re a Have-Not if you’re short of virtue. I’d be asking more questions, organizing them. They’re my kind of people – Hell would be Heaven for me.”

    That’s The Love Song of Saul Alinsky. It’s radical leftist stuff, and it revels in its radical leftism.

    And that’s Barack Obama, our president, on the poster.

    This is who Barack Obama was. This was before Barack Obama ran for Congress in 2000—challenging former Black Panther Bobby L. Rush from the left in a daring but unsuccessful bid.

    This was also the period just before Barack Obama served with Bill Ayers, from 1999 through 2002 on the board of the Woods Foundation. They gave capital to support the Midwest Academy, a leftist training institute steeped in the doctrines of — you guessed it! — Saul Alinsky, and whose alumni now dominate the Obama administration and its top political allies inside and out of Congress.

    Stanley Kurtz, author of Radical-in-Chief
    , described the Midwest Academy as a „crypto-socialist organization.” Yet almost no one has heard of Midwest Academy, because the media does not want you to know that the president is a radical’s radical whose presidency itself is a love song to a socialist „community organizer.”

    The reason Newt Gingrich surged in the Republican primary contest in January is that he was attempting to do the press’s job by finding out who the current occupant of the White House actually is. Millions also want to know, but the mainstream media is clearly not planning to vet the President anytime soon. Quite the opposite.

    For example, Miner tries to turn Obama’s appearance on the Alinsky panel into a plus for the president:
    Obama was on the panel that talked about Alinsky the last Sunday of the play’s run at the Blue Rider Theatre in Pilsen. Neither Pam Dickler, who directed the Terrapin Theatre production, nor Gary Houston, who played Alinsky, can remember a word Obama said. But he impressed them. „You never would have known he was a politician,” says Dickler. „He never said anything at all about himself. He came alone, watched the play, and during the panel discussion was entirely on point and brilliant. That evening I called my father, who’s a political junkie, and told him to watch out for this man, he’s going places.” Houston was just as taken by Obama—though he remembers him arriving in a group.
    But is it a good thing to impress the sort of people who show up to laud The Love Song of Saul Alinsky? Here are the other members of the Obama panel:

    Leon Despres: Despres knew Saul Alinsky for nearly 50 years, and together they established the modern concept of “community organizing.” Despres worked with secret Communist and Soviet spy Lee Pressman to support strikers at Republic Steel in Chicago in 1937; the strike ended in tragedy when 14 rioting strikers were killed and many wounded in a hail of police bullets. Despres worked with another Communist Party front, the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee, but eventually left because of the “Stalinism” of its leaders.

    Also in 1937, Despres and his wife delivered a suitcase of “clothing” to Leon Trotsky, then hiding out from Stalin’s assassins in Mexico City. Despres and his wife not only met with the exiled Russian Communist, but Despres’s wife sat for a portrait with Trotsky pal and Marxist muralist Diego Rivera while Leon took Rivera’s wife Frida Kahlo to the movies.

    Quentin Young: From 1970 until at least 1992, Quentin Young was active in the Communist Party front organization, the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights – a group dedicated to outlawing government surveillance of radical organizations. He was also a member of the Young Communist League. Young, a confidante and physician to Barack Obama, is credited with having heavily influenced the President’s views on healthcare policy.
    Timuel Black: An icon of the Chicago left, Black was originally denied officer training because military intelligence claimed he had secretly joined the Communist Party. Black also worked closely with the Socialist Party in the 1950s, becoming president of the local chapter of the Negro American Labor Council, a organization founded by Socialist Party leader A. Phillip Randolph.

    In the early ‘60s Black was a leader of the Hyde Park Community Peace Center, where he worked alongside former radical Trotskyist Sydney Lens and the aforementioned Communist Dr. Quentin Young. Black served as a contributing editor to the Hyde Park/Kenwood Voices, a newspaper run by Communist Party member David S. Canter. By 1970, Timuel Black was serving on the advisory council of the Communist Party controlled Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights.

    Timuel Black says he has been friends with domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, “going back to 1968, since long before I knew Barack.” In April 2002, Black, Dohrn and Democratic Socialists of America member Richard Rorty spoke together on a panel entitled “Intellectuals: Who Needs Them?” The panel was the first of two in a public gathering jointly sponsored by The Center for Public Intellectuals and the University of Illinois, Chicago. Bill Ayers and Barack Obama spoke together on in the second panel at that gathering. Communist academic Harold Rogers chaired Timuel Black’s unsuccessful campaign for Illinois State Representative.

    Studs Terkel: A sponsor of the Scientific and Cultural Conference for World Peace in 1949, which was arranged by a Communist Party USA front organization known as the National Council of the Arts, Sciences, and Professions.

    Roberta Lynch: A leading member of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and a leader of the radical Marxist New American Movement (NAM).

    Are we expected to believe that “Baraka Obama” was a countervailing voice of reason on a panel of radicals?

    The reason that Obama’s Alinskyite past, and his many appearances in political photography and video from the 1990s, are conspicuously missing from the national dialogue is that State Senator Barack Obama’s reinvention as a reasonable and moderate Democratic politician could not withstand scrutiny of his political life.

    Because the mainstream media did not explore his roots, the American public remains largely ignorant of the degree to which Obama’s work with ACORN and his love of Alinsky were symbolic of his true political will.

    If any of the candidates can resist the media, and parlay Newt’s strategy into a nomination, we’ll have the choice between an imperfect but well-known Republican and the real “Baraka” Obama, not the manufactured one the media prefers.

  18. Pentru domnul student Mircea Platon (așa e mai corect, în US nu există termenul de doctorand, se folosește graduate student pentru cei ce urmează cursuri întru obținerea unei diplome de master/doctor în varii științe):

    În cazul de faţă, cei de la IDL aproape că vor să creadă în existenţa unei conspiraţii deoarece îl detestă pe “socialistul” negru Obama.

    Noi n-am pretins că Zero e „socialist” cu ghilimele ci afirmăm că este un comunistoid zănatec, sîntem de aceeași părere cu „suprematiști rasiști” cum ar fi col. Allen West, fostul candidat prezidențial Herman Cain și am mai putea da nume, dar mai bine să le găsească magistrul în devenire Platon cînd se va hotărî să citească ce scrie pe ILD, nu să vîneze selectiv cu văru’ Goagăl.

  19. @Pataphyl

    Nu e chiar asa. In engleza nu exista termenul de doctorand, dar exista in romana, via franceza. In engleza exista in schimb termeni precum doctoral student, PhD student, sau doctoral candidate dupa ce ai trecut o serie de examene si ai indeplinit o serie de criterii, care difera de la universitate la universitate. Just sayin’.

  20. Defend the Tea Party, Stop the IRS from Silencing Free Speech

    The Obama Administration’s IRS appears to be conducting politically motivated investigations of Tea Party organizations nationwide. Such bullying tactics – designed to silence these organizations during this critical year – violates these citizens First Amendment rights. The ACLJ is fighting back. Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel, is leading the legal team that is representing some of the largest Tea Party organizations in America. Join this fight. Add your name to our petition to the Speaker of the House and Congressional oversight officials now, calling on Congress to provide IRS oversight. (This will not be sent to the IRS.)

    Petition to Stop the IRS from Silencing the Tea Party

    To: John Boehner, Speaker of the House
    Darrell Issa, Chairman, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
    Senator Orrin Hatch, Ranking Minority for Senate Finance Committee

    Tea Party groups are made up of law-abiding citizens who care deeply about this country. They have followed the law and requested tax-exempt status for their activities just like Americans have done for a hundred years. President Obama’s IRS appears to be using this as an opportunity to intimidate – to silence – these law-abiding citizens from exercising their fundamental First Amendment rights. Incredibly, the IRS is demanding to know who Tea Party members are, who they associate with, who they talk to, and who they meet with. We respectfully ask that the House of Representatives conduct oversight hearings, investigating these intrusive, and to some threatening IRS tactics, which violate the First Amendment rights of Americans.

  21. Great news: UN Human Rights Council to investigate American voter-ID laws

    S-au modificat multe de cand n-am mai fost pe aici, habar n-aveam de „parole americane”.
    Ma gandesc ca poate reusiti sa o impartiti in pagini ca la un moment dat o sa fie ditamai cearsaful.

    Ma rog – ce mi s-a parut interesant: Texas a vrut sa introduca o lege prin care sa introduca obligativitatea votului cu buletinul (ID), pentru a se mai opri din fraude unde administratia s-a opus ( de ce oare).
    Si mai interesant este faptul ca acest caz a ajuns in atentia ONU, departamentul „drepturile omului”.
    Carevasazica, in opinia celor ce reprezinta si se zbat pentru „drepturile omului” ( printre care si Arabia Saudita care debea de cativa ani a ingaduit femeilor sa voteze dar nu sa conduca si automobile) – ei bine acestia sunt foarte ingrijorati ca in Statele Unite se vor incalca drepturile omului daca votantuui i se va cere sa se legitimeze la urna.
    Ramirez are o caricatura bestiala pe tema asta:
    Daca vrei sa cumperi bautura ai nevoie de ID.
    Daca vrei sa conduci un Chevy Volt in flacari – ai nevoie de ID ( sau permis de conducere).
    Daca vrei sa cumperi tigari – ai nevoie de ID.
    Daca vrei sa calatoresti cu avionul – ai nevoie de ID.
    Daca vrei sa incasezi un cec – ai nevoie de ID.
    Daca vrei sa intri intr-un bar sau club de noapte – ai nevoie de ID.
    Cand cumperi ceva cu cartea de credit – ai nevoie de ID.
    Daca lucrezi in cadrul guvernului – ai nevoie de ID.
    Numai in cazul in care vrei sa votezi pentru presedintele Americii – cel mai puternic om din lume ( la ora actuala) – ei bine, acolo nu e nevoie de ID.

  22. despre rasismul stingist democrat, de la inceputuri. intre timp rasismul democratilor a devenit din antinegru, antialb. popa wright, la care obama a fost 20 de ani, marxistul profesor de la harvard pe care obama il admira atit de mult si care spunea ca daca ar putea albii ar vinde negrii din america si zeci de alte exemple arata ca partidul democrati, ca stinga in general, isi schimba blana, dar nu si naravul. si marthin luther king a fost republican, partidul republican in texas a fost infiindat de negri. intre timp istoria a fost rescrisa, iar aceste lucruri sint cunoscute ca fiind exact pe dos

    Democrats: The Party of Slavery and the Ku Klux Klan

  23. #40 @ emil b.

    Yep, articolul tau demonstreaza inca o data punctul, acelasi punct ca in clipul meu:

    Ce mama naibii cautam noi acolo? Noi, adica noi americanii, noi canadienii, noi romanii, etc. Pentru ce, pentru cine, in interesul cui? (*)

    Nici in clipul meu si nici in articolul tau subiectul nu este nici acel soldat in particular, nici armata americana in general. Subiectul este ca nu dai unei armate nenorocita de misiune din Afganistan. Dar nu, nu, nu… Ei sint acolo, in varianta republicana, ca sa apere „our freedom and our prosperity!” Iar in varianta democrata ei sint acolo ca sa emancipeze femeile afgane si sa le trimita la scoala.

    Mi se face greatza!

    Iar soldatul ala, vai de mama lui si de mama copiilor lui! In alte timpuri l-ar fi tratat medical. Acum, pentru ca a facut greseala sa se inroleze intr-o armata politic corecta, va face subiectul unui show trial.

    (*) L-au intrebat odata pe Mitt Romney la o dezbatere daca se va retrage din Afganistan. El a raspuns ca va discuta cu generalii… Ecco!

  24. Ei bine roadrunner, esti complet prost informat: americanii s-au dus acolo sa fure petrolul aghanilor, si celor din jur.
    No blood for oil suna deviza voastra – insa daca imi arati si mie cum beneficiem de pe urma petrolului furat si unde este acesta – eu il maninc cu fulgi cu tot.
    Iar in privinta soldatului respectiv, pentru mine unul era predictibil si aici nu vreau sa ii iau apararea.
    Dar in momentul in care iti sunt ucisi camarazii pentru arderea unei carti ( din pura greseala) si comandantul suprem al fortelor armate nu gaseste altceva mai bun de facut decat sa isi ceara scuze, pentru abominabila greseala de a fi arse niste corane care contineu niste coduri de corespondenta – cum sa nu o ia razna aia – cei din linia intai care oricum sunt cu nervii la pamint?
    Cate vizite a facut Obama trupelor din Afghanistan sau Iraq de cand este presedinte, cate partide de golf si cate plecaciuni inamicilor declarati ai Statelor Unite?

  25. Instapundit (adica Glenn Reynolds) despre cea mai recenta afirmatie a lui Santorum:

    SANTORUM: Obama Is Preferable To Romney. No he’s not, and you just demonstrated that it’s time to end your campaign. Either you’re an idiot, or you’ve cracked under the pressure. Either way, go home.

  26. Abu Yahya al-Libi, numarul 2 Al-Qaeda (al carui sef este Ayman al-Zawahiri) a fost curatat astazi in Waziristanul de Nord, o regiune a Pakistanului invecinata cu Afghanistanul. O drona americana a tras sase rachete intr-un compound taliban ucigand 15 teroristi si ranind alti 3. 8 dintre cei rapusi erau „straini”, adica arabi, a declarat un oficial pakistanez.

  27. @55. Eu as spune asa : Un fir de nisip a fost curat astazi de pe „uriasa plaja” care ocupa Pakistanul si Afganistanul.
    Stirea asta seamana cu alea din industria traficului de droguri: Azi garda de coasta a capturat 1 tona de cocaina !

  28. Este 6 iunie, aniversarea debarcarii Aliatilor din 1944 pe plajele normande. Este o foarte buna ocazie sa ne reamintim de maretul discurs al lui Ronald Reagan la aniversarea a 40 de ani de la debarcare:

  29. Wayne Allyn Root este un antrepreneur libertarian, comentator politic in presa scrisa si la radio. Este cunoscut in special pentru previziunile exacte pe care le-a facut de-a lungul timpului.

  30. Deci nu e un oarecare Moshe Yankala necunoscut.
    Sa speram ca are si de data asta dreptate.
    Analiza lui vi se pare logica?

  31. Din finantele celor doua campanii.

    Obama / Democrati
    – $43.6 milioane stranse in aprilie
    – $60 milioane stranse in mai

    Romney / Republicani
    – $40 milioane stranse in aprilie
    – $76.8 milioane stranse in mai
    – $107 milioane bani gheata disponibili

    Ultima cifra e importanta. Campania Romney / Republicani este cat se poate de competitiva la capitolul finantare.

  32. Francesco @57 – that’s why I call Mr Reagan the greatest American President.
    Thank you very much for that video.

  33. Tell on Me: The Ballad of US Agents:

    Poate cineva sa explice ce se intimpla in filmulet? Cum adica agentii au facut ceva important si in loc sa fie decorati au ajuns in puscarie? E cumva vorba de puscarie nu in America? Adica au cooperat la operatia Ben-Laden si nu au fost protejati iar acum sufera?


    Dupa parerea mea este cel mai prost slogan care putea fi ales. Si-o fi batut joc de el vreun image creator.
    Il arata pe O’Bombonica a fi oportunist, neserios, fara scaun la cap, care ia riscuri fara chibzuiala, care mizeaza fara sa fie sigur de rezultat. De obicei cei care fac pariuri sint oameni ratati, orice agonisesc se duce de ripa. Iar in contextul luo 0Obama, BETTING ON AMERICA are resunet de „toate sansele sa duca America la faliment”.

    Dar cine stie ce asociatii bizare le trezeste stingistilor acest BETTING ON AMERICA. Ei oricum vad totul pe dos, anapoda. Macar sa-l impresioneze prost pe the floating vote person.

    Intr-alta parte am citit aste: „I placed my bet on the American worker. And I’ll make that bet any day of the week” – President Obama. O fi real ca a zis asa? Nu mai lipsea decit sa zica „Muncitori din toate statele (ale USA cel putin) uniti-va!”

  35. Cred ca e mai concis si la obiect asa: „Muncitori din toate statele (unite) uniti-va!”

    Eu cind am vazut BETTING ON AMERICA, in prima clipa am crezut ca e un banc, ca-si bate joc de el un adversar din partea opusa.
    Pentru ca reda exact esenta lui Obama. Pina acum asta tot ce face, bet-uri, ba pe Arab Spring, ba pe banii americanului, ba pe securitatea Israelului, ba pe increderea in Islamisti, ba pe viata pruncilor din pintecele ex-viitoarelor mame, etc., dar mizeaza mereu pe calul gresit cu toate ca are toatele datele care sa-l aduca in masura sa evalueze consecintele.
    Ar fi bine s-o mai tin-asa inca mult timp, cred ca caricaturile si sagetile ironice nu vor intirzia. Sa vedem daca se sesizeaza sau ii atrage atentia careva sa lase balta acest bete bet.

  36. Ce mai este prin America? Ce se intampla cu popularitatea lui The One, este pe un trend ascendent pentru binele pe care l-a adus cetatenilor sau acestia incep sa inteleaga ca Hope & Change au fost vorbe goale?
    Ultimul sondaj Gallup ne spune ca in 37 de state Barack Hussein Obama este aprobat de un procent sub 50% din cei intervievati. Pe ultimul loc in ceea ce priveste aprobarea este statul Utah (statul lui Mitt Romney) cu 26% si se ajunge la Michigan cu 49%. Oh, dar sa nu dispere adeptii lui Obama, el se mai bucura de aprecierea superlativa a 83% dintre locuitorii Washington DC, dupa care urmeaza Hawaii cu 63%, locul nasterii sale.

    Articolul de pe Newsmax subliniaza urmatoarele:
    – presedintii cu o aprobare de peste 50% in perioada imediat premergatore alegerilor au fost realesi cu usurinta;
    – doi dintre presedintii cu o aprobare sub 50%, George W. Bush si harry Truman au fost realesi;
    – trei presedinti, Gerald Ford, Jimmi Carter si george H.W. Bush au pierdut alegerile.

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