Anca Cernea, Jeff Nyquist și Allan Dos Santos la #UpdateBrazil: Communism in Europe

O discuție din 25 septembrie 2015 între Anca Cernea, analistul american Jeff Nyquist și profesorul brazilian Allan Dos Santos. Cei trei au vorbit despre situația politică din România și Europa, despre comunism, Rusia, Occident și criza migranților. Jeff Nyquist (SUA) – Was a contributing editor at Dispatches Magazine, and was a columnist for WorldNetDaily, Newsmax, SierraTimes and … Continuare

JR NYQUIST | Anca-Maria Cernea Interview, Part Two

part 1 I continue my interview with Anca-Maria Cernea, a citizen of Romania who knows what it means to live under Communism. Both Cernea’s parents were imprisoned by the Communists. Her father served 17 years as a political prisoner. After 1989, she was active in the National Peasant Christian Democratic Party. She and her friends … Continuare

JR NYQUIST | Enemies in the East: An Interview with Anca-Maria Cernea

03/26/2012 Romanian analyst and writer Anca-Maria Cernea says that Communism wasn’t altogether defeated in her country. What Cernea has to say about Romania can be said for most of the former Communist countries of Europe. There is an ongoing struggle in Eastern Europe and Americans seem oblivious– especially American politicians.  A Polish journalist recently wrote to … Continuare