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ROMANIAjp01-articleLarge[1]Russian Money Suspected Behind Fracking Protests
By Andrew Higgins PUNGESTI, Romania — Vlasa Mircia, the mayor of this destitute village in eastern Romania, thought he had struck it rich
euobserver: Romanian journalists challenge EU opinion on media freedom

Solidarizarea jurnaliștilor români împotriva practicilor degradante din media analizată de EUobserver.com

wildstein b--The stupidity of photocopied modernization

We often encounter opinions that so utterly lack judgment, that it’s hard not to regard them as anything else than ideological scaffoldings.

New York Times: In Trial, Romania Warily Revisits a Brutal Past

“Get away from my door, or do you want me to get a stick and beat you?” Remembered as a brutal sadist, Alexandru Visinescu bubbles with fury

coup-d-etatCoup d’état in Romania: Timeline of events, maneuvers, and strikes

Strange things are happening in Romania. A powerful nomenclature has improved on the traditional South American recipe for coup d’états.

Daniel HannanDaniel Hannan: Romania is sliding unremarked into despotism

It started with the cuts. In January, Romania became the 4th EU country to see its government fall over Brussels-imposed austerity measures.

Jeff NyquistJR NYQUIST | Anca-Maria Cernea Interview, Part Two
part 1 I continue my interview with Anca-Maria Cernea, a citizen of Romania who knows what it means to live under Communism. Both Cernea’s
Jeff NyquistJR NYQUIST | Enemies in the East: An Interview with Anca-Maria Cernea
03/26/2012 Romanian analyst and writer Anca-Maria Cernea says that Communism wasn’t altogether defeated in her country. What Cernea has to
obama arogantCan Israel survive friends like these?

The latest outburst of bad feeling between Obama and Netanyahu can be the cover for finally putting the Jews in their place.

obama euObama’s honeymoon with Europe ends in shambles (Transatlanticpolitics.com)

So it’s official. Obama’s honeymoon with Europe is over.

nick-cleggClegg lays down law to Cameron on gay rights

In a pitch for the gay vote unprecedented in its scope, the leader of the Liberal Democrats threw down the gauntlet to his opponents.

phillipsMelanie Phillips: It’s the thirties all over again

The climate of hysterical and poisonous anti-Bush/Blair/US/Israel prejudice provides the sea in which Islamic extremism and terrorism swim.

scrutonRoger Scruton: The Centre Right Today

The conservative philosophy which I have developed and which I have attempted to advocate in the public sphere is a very English philosophy.



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