Russia-friendly party AUR calls on Romania to annex four parts of Ukraine

Claudiu Târziu, one of the leaders of Romanian party AUR, calls on Romania to annex four areas of Ukraine: Northen Bukovina, Southern Bessarabia, Hertsa region and Transcarpathia.

The call was made in a speech held on January 24th in Iași, România, by one of the most proeminent leaders of the „The Alliance for the Union of Romanians” (AUR), a self described „sovereignist” and „conservative” party, with an extremely hostile attitude towards Ukraine, and friendly towards Russia.

AUR is a party led by George Simion, who was banned from entering Ukraine and Republica Moldova a few years ago, accused of colaborating with the Russian secret service, FSB. Details:…/fost-sef-al-serviciilor…/

Claudiu Târziu’s appeal needs to be put in the context of another call he gave, this time to Russia, a few days after it invaded Ukraine – calling for the warming up of relations between Russia and Romania:

I think there is a need to warm up relations between Romania and Russia, I admit the need for good cooperation between Romania and Russia, I am ready to do my part…„, said Claudiu Târziu on 4 March 2022. Details, here:…/neutralitatea-de-aur…/

Needless to say that if it were for Romania to follow Târziu’s advice and annex parts of Ukraine, our country would violate several international treaties, among which the treaty on good neighbourly relations and cooperation between Romania and Ukraine, signed on 2 February 1997.

If AUR had it’s way, Romania would become no less of a pariah state then Russia is today.

Read Claudiu Târzbiu’s speech from January 24th:
„For a few decades, we’ve been managing between empires, struggling to achieve this sovereignty.
Today history puts us back into a context, in which the great empires are fighting each other.
We are caught in between them, as usual. And we have to deal with these great empires, in order to gain our sovereignty or to hold what we have of it, and to make it whole.
We won’t be truly sovereign until we will return the Romanian state to its natural borders.
Bessarabia cannot be forgotten. It must come home. Bukovina … Northern Bukovina cannot be forgotten.
Southern Bessarabia cannot be forgotten.
Hertsa region, Transcarpathia …
All that was and is of the Romanian nation must return to the borders of the same state.”

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