Imbecili și independenți din 1848

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    Eu, familia mea, de la patuzsopt… luptă, luptă și dă-i, și dă-i și luptă…


    Fotografie difuzată de Mihai Politeanu

    6 gânduri despre “Imbecili și independenți din 1848

    1. Vazandu-i pe decerebratii astia afisandu-se cu mandrie in timp ce ne fractureaza istoria, e greu sa mai spui ceva. Si totusi, privindu-i, mi-am adus aminte de niste vorbe spuse dupa “revolutie” : “Iesirea din comunism seamana cu iesirea din epoca fanariota”.
      Atunci cand le-am citit prima oara mi-am spus: intelepte vorbe! Azi sunt nevoit, din nefericire, sa nu mai gandesc la fel.
      Si asta pentru ca la 20 de ani dupa iesirea din epoca fanariota, principatele alea doua amarate, strivite secole la rand in jugul turcesc, au fost in stare sa dea istoriei acestui neam oameni ca: Ion Campineanu, Mitica Filipescu, Nicolae Balcescu, Dimitrie si Ion Bratianu, Gheorghe Magheru, Mihail Kogalniceanu, C.A. Rosetti, Alexandru Golescu, Ion Ghica, si atatia altii de statura lor – Generatia de la 1848. Cea despre care istoricul spune: “Erau doar o mana de oameni, insa luptau ca manati de o credinta netarmurita in destinele tarii lor”.
      La 25 de ani dupa ce Romania a scapat de sub jugul comunist, care sunt oamenii tineri pe care ea i-a nascut sa faca istorie pentru acest neam? Aia care sa “lupte cu o credinta netarmurita in destinele tarii lor” ? Astia?
      Nu mai tin minte cu ce prilej, Alexandru Lahovari a spus in parlamentul Romaniei: “Daca cerul este gol nu insultam pe nimeni, dar daca cineva ne aude sa-i fie mila de noi”.
      Acum, daca ar mai putea sa o faca, ar spune: “daca cineva ne vede sa-i fie mila de noi”.
      Prin urmare, iesirea din comunism nu seamana deloc cu iesirea din epoca fanariota!

    2. Candva, in anii 60 – 70, un ziarist englez – Steve Turner – a scris un poem satiric despre generatia lui. Descrie bine si Zeitgeist-ul care-i inspira pe tinerii educati de mai sus, poate cu mai putin Freud si Darwin si mai multa inspiratie din Rihanna si Dawkins. Valabil si pentru Vest. Redau poemul:

      We believe in Marxfreudanddarwin. We believe everything is OK as long as you don’t hurt anyone to the best of your definition of hurt, and to the best of your knowledge. We believe in sex before, during, and after marriage. We believe in the therapy of sin. We believe that adultery is fun. We believe that sodomy’s OK. We believe that taboos are taboo. We believe that everything’s getting better despite evidence to the contrary. The evidence must be investigated and you can prove anything with evidence. We believe there’s something in horoscopes, UFO’s and bent spoons. Jesus was a good man just like Buddha, Mohammed, and ourselves. He was a good moral teacher though we think his good morals were bad. We believe that all religions are basically the same – at least the one that we read was. They all believe in love and goodness. They only differ on matters of creation, sin, heaven, hell, God, and salvation. We believe that after death comes the Nothing because when you ask the dead what happens they say nothing. If death is not the end, if the dead have lied, then its
      compulsory heaven for all excepting perhaps Hitler, Stalin, and Genghis Kahn. We believe in Masters and Johnson. What’s selected is average. What’s average is normal. What’s normal is good. We believe in total disarmament. We believe there are direct links between warfare and bloodshed. Americans should beat their guns into tractors and the Russians would be sure to follow. We believe that man is essentially good. It’s only his behavior that lets him down. This is the fault of society. Society is the fault of conditions. Conditions are the fault of society. We believe that each man must find the truth that is right for him. Reality will adapt accordingly. The universe will readjust. History will alter. We believe that there is no absolute truth excepting the truth that there is no absolute truth. We believe in the rejection of creeds and the flowering of individual thought.

      Si-acum, finalul apoteotic:

      If chance be the Father of all flesh, disaster is his rainbow in the sky and when you hear: „State of Emergency!”, „Sniper Kills Ten!”, „Troops on Rampage!”, „Whites go Looting!”, „Bomb Blasts School!” it is but the sound of man worshipping his maker.

    3. Eu cred ca mesajul trebuia sa contina inca trei caractere la sfarsit: „-ne”
      Dar nu au mai avut loc sa scrie…

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