The New World Order and „Russia’s errors”

In 1917, Our Lady of Fatima has clearly indicated the source of our century’s greatest tribulations. She said that „Russia would spread her errors worldwide, causing wars and persecution of the Christians”.  It was at that time that the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Ilich Lenin, took control of Russia. The establishment of a communist world government … Continuare

INTERVIEW Polish writer Bronisław Wildstein: Unlike Western Europeans, we in the East know we’re mortal

Bronisław Wildstein is a Polish journalist and writer, and an iconic figure during the anticommunist Polish Solidarity movement – Solidarność. In an interview for the Romanian Conservative portal În Linie Dreaptă, Mr. Wildstein talked about the current political and cultural environment in Poland, about the similarities and differences between Poland and Romania, and about the similar historical experiences that bring together the two countries and Eastern Europe as … Continuare

Olavo de Carvalho on Leftist insults, fascism and the revolutionary language

Olavo de Carvalho presentation – 2011 (Bucharest, Romania) | Transcript and translation in English by Lucian Vâlsan: In the 50s, it was the episode with Senator Joe McCarthy – who was transformed into some sort of a monster, even though he never arrested anyone. Even those very few Communists that were jailed for contempt of … Continuare

The threat of Cultural Marxism to life and the family (SPUC National Conference, 2016)

The SPUC National Conference in Derbyshire (26 September 2016): Standing ovation for Dr Anca-Maria Cernea, who explored the roots of many of the anti-life policies flourishing in different forms around the world: „Soviet Union Communism, modern Western abortion culture, and even Islamic extremism share a common tenant – a lack of regard for the right to life”. … Continuare

Dr. Anca Cernea – Cultural Marxism: A Threat to The Family (VIDEO)

Dr Anca-Maria Cernea, Association of Catholic Doctors of Bucharest Rome Life Forum – 7 May 2016 Our thanks to LifeSiteNews for the footage. (scroll down for the entire video of the event, with the Q&A section included) Transcript: One of the best interventions during last year’s Synod on the family was made by Archbishop Fülöp … Continuare

Meet the lay woman who shook up the Family Synod | Catholic Herald interview with Anca Cernea

Francis Phillips interviews pro-life doctor Dr Anca-Maria Cernea During the October Synod on the family I observed the sometimes unedifying spectacle of different pressure groups within the Church jostling to give their own interpretation of what was happening. Then, along with thousands of other Catholics throughout the world, I was inspired by a single (lay) … Continuare

Anca Cernea către episcopii sinodali: Nu vă temeți de atacurile presei ( & em português and English)

Interviu acordat lui Michael Voris pentru Michael Voris: Ați dat ce a fost descris drept o prezentare remarcabilă. A fost în plen? Anca Cernea: Da, a fost în plen, o intervenție de trei minute la care am avut dreptul ca observatori, în timpul Sinodului. Am fost surprinsă că a fost primită cu entuziasm pentru … Continuare

Anca Cernea, Jeff Nyquist și Allan Dos Santos la #UpdateBrazil: Communism in Europe

O discuție din 25 septembrie 2015 între Anca Cernea, analistul american Jeff Nyquist și profesorul brazilian Allan Dos Santos. Cei trei au vorbit despre situația politică din România și Europa, despre comunism, Rusia, Occident și criza migranților. Jeff Nyquist (SUA) – Was a contributing editor at Dispatches Magazine, and was a columnist for WorldNetDaily, Newsmax, SierraTimes and … Continuare

Robert Conquest, RIP

A farewell and tribute to one of the leading chroniclers of the horrors of Soviet communism. Robert Conquest (1917-2015) was a great intellectual, historian, and moral conscience. For the denizens of what used to be the Soviet Bloc, Robert Conquest’s name is truly legendary. I remember my own first experience with Conquest’s masterpiece The Great … Continuare

Russian Money Suspected Behind Fracking Protests

By Andrew Higgins PUNGESTI, Romania — Vlasa Mircia, the mayor of this destitute village in eastern Romania, thought he had struck it rich when the American energy giant Chevron showed up here last year and leased a plot of land he owned for exploratory shale gas drilling. But the encounter between big business and rural Romania … Continuare

Thoughts from Romania on Poroshenko’s statement about the UPA

You can read Poroshenko’s statement here. I tend to think it was a stupid gaffe/blunder on behalf of Poroshenko rather than an offense brought intentionally to hurt the Poles by exalting the UPA crimes. Poroshenko is probably the kind of guy who doesn’t posses any special historical knowledge, it’s quite likely that he even ignored … Continuare

JR NYQUIST | Anca-Maria Cernea Interview, Part Two

part 1 I continue my interview with Anca-Maria Cernea, a citizen of Romania who knows what it means to live under Communism. Both Cernea’s parents were imprisoned by the Communists. Her father served 17 years as a political prisoner. After 1989, she was active in the National Peasant Christian Democratic Party. She and her friends … Continuare

JR NYQUIST | Enemies in the East: An Interview with Anca-Maria Cernea

03/26/2012 Romanian analyst and writer Anca-Maria Cernea says that Communism wasn’t altogether defeated in her country. What Cernea has to say about Romania can be said for most of the former Communist countries of Europe. There is an ongoing struggle in Eastern Europe and Americans seem oblivious– especially American politicians.  A Polish journalist recently wrote to … Continuare