The New World Order and „Russia’s errors”

In 1917, Our Lady of Fatima has clearly indicated the source of our century’s greatest tribulations. She said that “Russia would spread her errors worldwide, causing wars and persecution of the Christians”.  It was at that time that the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Ilich Lenin, took control of Russia.

The establishment of a communist world government has been the goal of the Third Communist International since the time of Lenin. One century later, Christianity is still confronted with the Leninist revolution, now taking place not only in Russia, but in the whole world. It’s “Lenin’s satanic world revolution”.[1]

Our Lady in 1917 spoke about “Russia’s errors”. Not because other anti-Christian errors didn’t exist, but because “Russia’s errors” incorporated them all and brought them to a new level, the most homicidal, most deceptive system of errors in the history of mankind.

As Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho explains:

Communism has been throughout the entire human history, the only globally organized political movement, with agents in the most remote places of the Earth, able to act in a disciplined, coordinated and efficient manner, counting on unlimited financial resources.

Although it has at its disposal a huge number of organizations and mass parties, communism is substantially a clandestine movement, even in times when communist organizations may function publicly without being persecuted.

There is no international anti-communist movement.
The communist movement has never had nor needed any doctrinal unity, and has proved its capacity to tactically adapt to the most different ideological formulas. The unity of the communist movement is strategical and organizational, not ideological. Communism is not a set of theses: it is a power scheme, the most flexible, vast, integrated and efficient that ever existed.

Only a tiny part of the communist activity consists of recognizable propaganda. The most significant part consists of infiltrating and blending into all sorts of organizations – political parties (liberal and conservative alike), media, unions, government and private enterprises, cultural, educational and charitable institutions, the armed forces, Freemasonry and so on.

Even Islamic radicalism, which is so quickly expanding nowadays, would be powerless without the support of the world network of communist organizations.

There has been an enduring collaboration between the communist movement and some of the West’s greatest fortunes, billionaire foundations like Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s.[2]<
What we are facing is not one single anti-Christian New World Order project, but three of them, as Olavo de Carvalho also explained [3]:

  1. the Russian and Chinese governing establishment, specially the secret services;
  2. the Islamic religious leadership and some governments of Islamic countries;
  3. and the Western financial elite, wealthy oligarchs, with their ideologues and social engineers professing Cultural Marxism, their NGOs, media, politicians, etc.

The three globalist projects do compete on certain issues, but they generally function in alliance against the Judeo-Christian Civilization.

They all are related to “Russia’s errors”.

The nature of Russia’s errors.

The source of the worldwide cultural revolution

St. Paul teaches that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:12).

But we often hear church sermons and discourses of Christian leaders blaming the current-day worldwide anti-Christian revolution on “individualism”, “consumerism”, “hedonism”, all those sins typically attributed to the liberal West. This is a misleading cliché. If we only defend sexual morality and fight sexual license, if we only preach against consumerism, it means that we only fight flesh and blood, not the spirits of darkness.

Consumerism and hedonism are just predisposing factors, weakening the moral resistance of people and societies. They are not the cause. The cause of all of these attacks against Christianity lies in a satanic revolt against God, against His Law and the moral order of His creation, in a gnostic-revolutionary attempt to redesign human society and human nature.

The Marxist ideology is an error of a religious nature, claiming to have a full explanation of reality and to offer “salvation” here in this world, through human means, without God.

Eric Voegelin wrote, [4] since the 1920’s, that Nazism and Bolshevism were a kind of substitute religions, with their own symbols, prophets, scriptures, hierarchies, liturgies, celebrations, etc., representing the contemporary form of the ancient Gnostic heresy. An “immanentized  Eschaton”.

As noticed by Eric Voegelin, since the Enlightenment, the Christian perception of the unity of mankind in the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ has been gradually replaced by secular, political substitutes[5].

From this perspective, we may see the UN and the current-day cultural Marxist projects of a world government as a secular substitute for the Church.

As pastor Richard Wurmbrand has shown in his famous book “Marx and Satan” [6], Karl Marx was a Satanist. He wrote verses expressing a deep hatred against God and mankind. Marx did not deny the existence of God, but hated Him and wanted to take His place. This is the nature of Marxist ideology.

First, Marxism was imposed through violence in Russia, and then the in rest of the “Eastern Block”, by means of terror and genocide.

In the West, Marxism has taken the form of insidious cultural subversion, aiming at the moral destruction of the Free World[7]– Cultural Marxism.

The first sexual revolution in human history was made by Lenin in Bolshevik Russia, and not by the “liberal, consumerist West”.

Abortion was decriminalized in Russia in 1920. (In the US, in 1973, by a stratagem, Roe vs. Wade court case.)

Divorce without fault was introduced in Russia in 1918. (In the US, in 1969, California.)

Homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia in 1922. (USA – Illinois 1961.)

Radical sex education for school children was introduced in Hungary, by the Bolshevik Revolution of Béla Kuhn in 1919. (In the US, only in the 60ies.)

Lenin, Georg Lukács and Willi Münzenberg, the head of Komintern, initiated the Frankfurt School – known also as the “The Critical School” or the “Critical Theory”.  It combines Marx with Freud in order to undermine the moral foundation and the institutions of Western society, starting with the family. Its task is to criticize, “unmask”, discredit, deconstruct Western Civilization.*
* Warner Gerald, ​For the First Time in History, ‘Conservatives’ Are at the Forefront of the Cultural Revolution, Breitbart Feb 4th, 2015

Another source of Cultural Marxism is Antonio Gramsci, who advises communists to conquer “cultural hegemony” first through gradual, imperceptible mutations in language and social patterns, introduced with the help of “fellow travelers”, like actors or other celebrities, as well as through the creation of false majorities, infiltration and take-over of institutions, media, film industry, education, and most importantly, of the Catholic Church – so that, one day, people would wake up in a communist society, without realizing how they got there. [8] [9]

There is  continuity from Lukács through Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse and many others, to today’s gender ideology formulated by Judith Butler. [10] *

In 1950 Harry Hay created in USA the first gay-rights organization in history, “Mattachine Society”. Almost all of its members belonged to the Communist Party of the USA, a KGB agency.

By that time, Alfred Kinsey, a friend of Harry Hay, claimed to have proven (by his fraudulent “research” and criminal experiments[11]) that homosexuals were “10% of the population”, so homosexuality should be accepted as “normal”. Kinsey‘s “work” was supported by Rockefeller Foundation.

The activists of the sexual revolution of the West in the 60ies read cultural Marxist ideologues, like Herbert Marcuse and Michel Foucault. Their idols were Ho Shi Min, Mao and Che Guevara. They all hated capitalism and consumerism.

Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB major defected to the West, tried to warn the Americans against the Soviet strategies, aiming at encouraging and pushing the Free World to destroy itself. In a lecture he gave in 1983[12], he explained that only 15% of KGB resources went to classical espionage activities and 85% went to the ideological subversion of the West.

After the spectacular failure of classical Marxism, which claimed to revolutionize society through a violent takeover of property, now cultural Marxism seems to prevail, claiming to revolutionize family, sexual identity and human nature.

The agenda is being imposed by radical leftist ideologists and social engineers, actively fighting for the destruction of the religious, moral and cultural foundations of Judeo Christian Civilization, under the pretext of promoting “human rights” and “liberating” people from “oppression” – in fact by depriving them of their identities – from the religious, national, kinship to the sexual identity.[13]

They invent ever more “oppressed sexual minorities” that supposedly need to be empowered. Every detail of life is being regulated according to “experts”, the only “freedom” space offered to the citizens is in the field of sexual experimentation.*
*Marklund Carl, ​Hot Love and Cold People, Sexual Liberalism as Political Escapism in Radical Sweden

Polish writer Bronisław Wildstein describes this evolution:

In the past century, the left had to accept to a certain degree the market economy, which it treated as a scourge, trying to limit it in all possible ways. But the differences between it and its right-wing competitors who have distanced themselves from free market principles have, over time, become small in this area.

Consequently, the left has moved the center of gravity on civilizational issues. The fundamental idea has not changed. It consists in rejecting traditional culture, thus in destroying it, in order to free (emancipate) man from it. The culture, which according to the classical conceptions created the human person, is from the perspective of the left the source of its deformation. Of course, according to the ideology of the left, this is only about the rejection of the traditional culture (patriarchal, oppressive, etc.), that is to say the only culture we know, proposing instead a new one, not accidentally called counter-culture. For the time being, it is limited to demystification, unmasking, deconstruction etc., that is, the only perceptible impulse in it is destruction. Its purpose would be the final release of the human person who, after this surgery, will lose all consistency. (…) The domination of the Left has caused the representatives of the right side of the political spectrum to lack the courage to reverse the changes forced by their left-wing rivals, under the slogans of civilization and progress.[14]

Both classical and cultural Marxism have the same basic communist mental patterns[15]: finding reasons for revolt, claiming to “liberate” some victimized category by throwing it against another, the promise of salvation here on earth, with no need for God, the ruthlessness of the revolutionary elite struggling for power by any possible means, including fraud, intimidation, violence and crime.*
* Olavo de Carvalho The Revolutionary Mentality, translated by Tiago Tondineli from “A mentalidade revolucionária”, Diario do Comercio, August 13th , 2007

In a deeper sense, what these revolutionists claim is to correct the God’s Creation and His Law: they claim to “free” man from the alleged “oppression” of the laws of society and nature, and especially of moral laws, by replacing them with man-made legislation.

The enemies of the three globalist projects

Another misperception of many Christians, exasperated by the decadence they see and by the defeats in the cultural war, is to consider that the West is already completely lost, and to blame it for all that is evil in the world.

To a great extent this is due to an enormous lack of proportion between the extensive and detailed information available to us about the decline of the West, compared to what ordinary people know about the immorality of Russian, Chinese or Islamic societies.

The Western media are for the most part dominated by cultural Marxists, who hate Western Civilization and systematically promote immorality and indecency as models. What we see in the media does not reflect the truth about the lives of normal people. The sins of the West are exposed in detail, while few know, for example, about Russia’s records in alcohol and heroin use, [16] or about the level of corruption[17] and the abortion rates[18] in Russia.
Few Westerners can imagine the degree of cruelty and sexual violence of the Chinese society.*
* Xue Xinran, ​The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices, New York Pantheon Books 2002
Few Westerners have any idea about the extent of homosexual practice and pedophilia in Muslim countries,[19] or know that those countries are the largest consumers of Internet pornography in the world.[20] This huge disproportion of information is also caused by the fact that in Russia, China and Islamic countries most of the press only expresses the official propaganda of the regime, and independent journalism, if any, is subject to very strict censorship, with serious risks for those who dare to investigate and reveal what really happens in those countries.

The West does not function as a compact block. It is deeply divided by the culture war, namely between enemies and supporters of the Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Western societies remain pluralistic, there still exists a certain freedom of expression, and although it is more and more limited, there is still some space for the cultural war to continue. There still are some rules, some functioning institutions, some civilized habits that have not yet been destroyed by the cultural revolution. That is to say, in the West not everything is lost yet. We need to carefully differentiate the things that genuinely belong to Western Civilization and made it so great, from the time-bombs planted inside it by its enemies, in order to destroy it (especially cultural Marxism).

The Russian, Chinese or Islamic regimes can function as compact blocks, because their state policies are only determined by the leading establishment, no opposition can influence them, nobody knows or cares about what citizens really think. The heroes or martyrs who dare to stand up to those regimes are being systematically repressed, imprisoned or killed.

A particular form of this error of “blaming the West” for the war against Christianity is to blame it on the Americans. Or the Jews.

This error leads to friendly fire, directed precisely against nations who still have enough capacity to resist this revolution and defend our Civilization.

It is true that in the United States there are very strong revolutionary ideological currents – today almost all of them derived from cultural Marxism. It is true that in the recent years, the agenda of Barack Hussein Obama’s administration supported a radical form of cultural Marxism, and did everything possible to promote the anti-Christian New World Order.

But there are also many millions of Americans who opposed all this, and realized that this government was hurting their country, weakening their society, their economy, their defense capacity, and transferring more and more of the American sovereignty to the United Nations.

The religious currents of America are still very powerful. The American pro-life movement is the strongest in the world. It has great spiritual, intellectual and material resources and generously supports similar movements in other continents. Despite all the obstacles, the voice of Christians in the United States can be heard in public debates. For example, in 2016 Republican Party presidential primary elections there were several pro-life candidates, a situation that can no longer even be imagined in Western European countries.

The Israeli religious movements that defend life and family are engaged in a cultural war, in which, it seems, they are prevailing, and this is gradually becoming quite visible in political life [21]   – where the Left, attached to the cultural revolution, is constantly losing ground, while the political Right is becoming more and more influenced by religion.

We can see Jewish names on both sides of the culture war; people of Jewish origin are profoundly divided, the same as Christian (well, baptized) people are. So there is no reason one should accept conspiracy theories that attribute the New World Order project to the Jews. It is more than evident that this world government project is contrary to the vital interests of the State of Israel. It is sufficient to count the anti-Israel resolutions adopted by the UN. There is almost no week without at least one. It is a ritual that has been repeated for decades. No other country has been confronted with this kind of treatment at the UN.

More recently, Since the Polish conservatives have won elections, Poland too started being treated as a “black sheep” of the globalist establishment, specially in the European Union. [22]

The victory of the conservatives in Poland shows clearly that the earthly normality of Christian Civilization with all its benefits is just a secondary product of evangelization; it belongs to “those things that shall be added” unto us, if we “seek first the Kingdom of God and his justice”. Unlike many other religious leaders worldwide, the Polish Catholic Church shepherds still give evangelization and salvation of souls absolute priority over fighting “capitalism” or “climate change”. Polish bishops preach conversion and lead their people in massive “prayer offensives”. The shepherds are able to expose contemporary ideologies for what they are and thus break their magic. And they are not intimidated when they get attacked by leftist media.

The secret of the victory of Polish conservatives lies in the Polish Church.

Not because the Church supports a certain party, but because the Church inspires and creates around her an entire living universe, made of innumerable charities, cultural associations, clubs, media outlets, citizens’ initiatives. Such an environment was able to give birth to a political party that effectively defends Christianity, family and human life. Unlike the current-day EU leaders, the Polish conservative intellectuals and politicians represent real European spirit[23] [24], rooted in Christianity and in the republican tradition.

Here is s fragment of a very recent radio interview of President Andrzej Duda:

I am the President of the Republic (of Poland), I keep hearing the words that Pope John Paul II told us when we entered the European Union. He told us that we Poles should go to the European Union to take our great Catholic and Christian legacy there.

This is the heritage of a thousand years of Polish history, of Poland as a Christian country and ours as believers. I do my best to achieve this, keeping in mind that Europe has grown from the ancient civilization but above all from the Judeo-Christian civilization. This is the strength upon which Europe has been built. And if she renounces it today, then in my opinion this will lead to her ruin. [25]

It is no coincidence that the preferred targets of the attacks from all the three globalist schemes are the USA, Israel and Poland. These are countries in which leftist revolutionists not only lose major political competitions, but face serious long-term perspectives of being defeated in the culture war.

Besides these three nations in which we see defenders of Judeo-Christian Civilization winning important battles in the culture/political war, also in other Christian countries there is an enormous potential of resistance against revolutionary world-domination projects. Namely, it consists of a huge number of normal people who are still attached to Christianity, morality and common sense as shaped by Christian Civilization.

Most of the time they still constitute  the majority in their societies.

A barely audible, or a silent majority, unfortunately in so many places of the world, at least for now.
It could become a great force, but currently does not have an effective political expression because it lacks the kind of religious, intellectual and political leadership that we see in Poland.
The root of the problem is spiritual, everything starts from the weakness of the religious leadership in those countries. And in our times this is mainly due to the influence of ​“Russia’s errors”, under the form of cultural Marxism in the Western Churches, both Catholic and Protestant, or under the form of collaboration with communist regimes (and its consequences to date) in the case of Eastern Churches.

All three global domination schemes are aggressively anti-Christian.

The Russian scheme is more dangerous than the others, among other things because it now mimics Christianity and thus manages to attract many Christian groups. Deprived of proper religious and cultural leadership, by the spread of the Marxist errors of Russia, these Christian groups are not equipped to discern the danger, they become instruments of the newer, Duginist errors of Russia (more on Dugin and his teaching in a further section), and they get used for the destruction of the Civilization they think they are defending.

Russia’s Errors And The Three Globalist Projects

  1. Russia’s errors and the Western Global Left’s Establishment

The Soviet Union and the other classical communist regimes could survive for almost a century in spite of their totally inefficient economic system only thanks to the constant support from the West.[26]

Over the decades, great power circles in the Western world provided the Soviets with massive material and financial resources.

These same groups have been advancing a socialist world-government project. They have been supporting and spreading Cultural Marxism in Western societies. They also have insured the political complicity of Western governments, among which a number of American administrations[27], with the Soviets.

It is important to stress that when they favored the Soviet regime and the global communist-inspired power scheme, those American administrations were not serving the interests of the United States of America, but acting against them, strengthening US enemies, abandoning their allies and giving up US sovereignty to the UN[28]. So it is wrong to attribute their actions to “American imperialism”.

This phenomenon of extremely wealthy Western families and groups supporting socialist causes worldwide is best explained by Olavo de Carvalho:

A century of economic and political freedom was enough to make some capitalists so formidably rich that they no longer want to submit to the whims of the market that has enriched them.

They want to control it, and the instruments for doing so are three:

The State domination, for the implementation of the statist policies necessary for the eternalization of their oligopoly;

The support for socialist and communist movements that invariably favor the growth of state power;

And the regimentation of an army of intellectuals who prepare the public opinion to bid farewell to bourgeois freedoms and enter joyfully into a world of ubiquitous and haunting repression (stretching to the last detail of private life and everyday language) presented as a paradise, adorned at the same time with the abundance of capitalism and the ‘social justice’ of communism. In this new world, the economic freedom indispensable to the functioning of the system is preserved to the strict minimum necessary to support the extinction of freedom in the political, social, moral, educational, cultural and religious domains.”[29]

This is the Chinese regime.[30]

In so doing, the metacapitalists change the very basis of their power. They no longer rely on wealth as such, but on the control of the social-political process. This control, by freeing them from the risky exposure to market fluctuations, makes them a durable dynastic power, a neo-aristocracy capable of passing unharmed through the variations of fortune and the succession of generations, sheltered in the stronghold of the State and international organizations. They are no longer megacapitalists: they are metacapitalists – the class that has transcended capitalism and has transformed it into the only socialism that has ever existed or will exist: the socialism of the grand lords and social engineers at their service. [31]

The interest of these powerful globalist circles in establishing worldwide bureaucratic controls converges with the objectives of the communists. The number of billionaire companies which came to openly contribute to leftist parties is enormous.

What we have is a gigantic symbiosis of all globalist and statist forces around the world. Meta-capitalists are natural allies of the communists. [32]

It is undeniable that the construction of the Soviet industrial park, as well as of its military force, was due substantially to American money.[33]

The globalist elite is an organized entity, with a continuous existence for more than a century.[34]

It is not a coincidence that the crumbling of society into small family units permanently threatened by self-destruction has occurred in parallel with the significant strengthening of a handful of traditional patriarchal families — more precisely the families that have led, and continue to lead, this very same process. I am referring to the noble and financial dynasties which make up the nucleus of today’s Globalist elite.

The more “social scientists” subsidized by these vast fortunes manage to persuade the general population that the dissolution of patriarchalism represents a great progress towards freedom and human rights, the stronger the ruling elite clings to patriarchal continuity which safeguards the perpetuation and expansion of their power over generations.

The patriarchal family is evidently a source of power: the social history of the past two centuries is that of the transformation of patriarchal power into a privilege of the very rich, while it is denied to millions of schmoes whose children are taught by university professors to celebrate the end of patriarchalism as the advent of an era of almost Edenic freedom. The unavoidable development of this process is the destruction – or self-destruction – of the nuclear families themselves, or of whatever is left of them after each new “generation crisis”. (…) “After all, if patriarchalism were a bad thing, the very rich wouldn’t keep it jealously to themselves, but would distribute it to the poor and they would split up into small nuclear families. If they do precisely the opposite, it is because they know what they are doing.[35]

Note that the big globalist groups that give tons of money to the leftist movements all of them are made up of dynastic and patriarchal families that continue generation after generation. Check if the Rockefellers want to dissolve their family structure! (…) all of them are patriarchs of dynastic families that will never allow their families to be dissolved by “sex lib” (…). Moreover, the communist elite that holds on to power in Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, all over Eastern Europe, despite of democracy, keeps being in charge. Their system is strictly dynastic. When the father gets too old, he is replaced by his son. (…) And while these communist dogs keep talking about destroying the “bourgeois family”, because it is “oppressive”, etc., they preserve their own families, because they know that family is the basis of the possibility of historical action. If a family gets dissolved in every generation, long term action is not possible, all your action is limited to your lifetime. (…) The continuity of the family is an essential element of power. And when they talk about destroying the family (…), it’s about destroying your family, not theirs! [36]

Polish writer Bronisław Wildstein also notices the strong affinity of the above referred Eastern European post-communist establishment (stemming from the structures of the totalitarian State, the apparatus of the communist party and the communist secret police) with the Western global oligarchies:

The attempt to reform this oligarchic system means conflict with other decision-making centers: the big business environment, the dominant media, and the powerful corporations. It also means confronting major European forces and also the global financial and political oligarchy.[37]

Nowadays, Russian billionaires became a part of the world elite and melted into the oligarchic global establishment.*
* This is one of the reasons why, for instance, the sanctions imposed on Russian companies and individuals after the occupation of Crimea did not go far enough, see: Bryant Lisa ​US, EU Impose New Sanctions on Russia, Voice of America
Sep 12 2014 ​

And, for some reason, their  sons and daughters seem to prefer to live in the “rotten West” than in “Orthodox Russia”.[38]

With the official collapse of the Soviet Union, the differences between former supporters of controlled economy and supporters of free market have now become almost insignificant, but the left has imposed its revolutionary approach of cultural civilizational issues on almost all of the political spectrum. [39]

After Russia has “opened up to democracy” through perestroika, and the West has been gradually conquered by socialism and cultural Marxism, “convergence” could finally become reality.

It had been for decades the dream of the leftist elites from both sides of the Iron Curtain.

I remember a high ranking communist party political analyst who came to talk to us, future intellectuals, students of one of the best Bucharest colleges, back in 1984. He told us about “detent” and “convergence”, through which East and West would finally build enduring peace in the world, as the Eastern Block was undergoing a the process of “liberalization”, while in the West the role of the State and very big companies was increasing, leading to a situation of compatibility between the two systems. He didn’t forget to mention Comrade Nicolae Ceaușescu’s merits in achieving peace on the planet, by insisting for the disarmament of both NATO and the Warsaw Pact, as well as for a New International Order.

It is significant that Mikhail Gorbachev, after completing his mission in the Soviet Union, has become fervently engaged in the establishment of the world government.

In essence, his current agenda aims to transform the UN into a world government by steadily weakening the sovereignty of the nation-states and building up a world-wide network of “progressive” NGOs, by advancing typical cultural Marxist-Malthusian-environmentalist goals, such as population control and “reproductive rights”, at the same time undermining the Christian religion and replacing it with a Neo-pagan spirituality.

Actually, Gorbachev was engaged in the establishment of a world government much earlier.

Russian exiled historian and disciple of Vladimir Bukovsky, Pavel Stroilov, revealed some Kremlin documents dating from the time when Gorbachev was in charge of the Soviet Union.

Stroilov has stolen those documents in 1999 from the archive of Gorbachev’s Foundation.

For instance, this fragment, about the “goals of Gorbachev’s agenda: To replace Washington’s power with a “world government” sympathetic to communist aspirations”:

“The leaders of the Italian Communist Party were particularly inspired by this idea:

“Okketto. The UN shall become an instrument of the world government.

“Rubbi. Berlinguer spoke about the world government as early as at the 15th Congress of the ICP.

“Okketto. At that time, many in the audience smiled at this.

“Gorbachev. We also have many people smiling at this. Maybe, indeed, it is worth thinking about arranging for the communists, social democrats and some others people to work out an agreed constructive proposal. It should be not propaganda, but a real policy.

“Okketto. [The leader of West German Social Democrats, Willie] Brandt wants to involve representatives of parties, statesmen and other major figures in this work, to discuss the problems during seminars and conferences.

“Gorbachev. Let us arrange all this, and also consult Brandt and others.”[40]

In our days, in spite of Gorbachev’s engagement for the New World Order cultural revolution (that “Orthodox Christian” Vladimir Putin pretends to be opposing), Putin and Gorbachev are not in conflict. [41] [42]

The same appears to be the case for the seemingly strong animosity between “conservative” Vladimir Putin and leftist New World Order supporter George Soros, as it turns out that in practice they have common interests and common friends in many places worldwide.

As in the old Soviet times, Putin’s Russia is still supporting leftist subversive movements in the West, the same ones that benefit from Soros’s philanthropic generosity.

For example the Occupy Wall Street movement has been intensively advertised by Russia Today TV channel, at the same time as it was financed by Soros, and notoriously allied with LGBT NGOs. [43] [44] [45] [46]

Another example is the recent “Colombian peace deal” negotiated by President Santos with the terrorists from FARC, in Havana, under the patronage of Raúl Castro and Sergey Lavrov (the Russian foreign minister).The resulting agreement text was full of reference to gay-rights, LGBT, sexual orientation, gender non-discrimination, sexual minorities, the necessity to promote tolerance for those, etc., etc..[47] [48]

What we have in the case of “Colombian peace process” is a sudden switch from a typical classical Marxist blood-thirsty narco-guerrilla to the most radical sort of neo-Marxist culture warriors. [49]

“Conservative” Russia has played a crucial role in the achievement of the “peace deal”.[50] [51] Soros has also been supporting different FARC interests, including the “peace deal”.[52] [53] It may be relevant to mention that the weapons FARC uses are made in Russia.[54] [55]

Sputnik features rosy reportages from inside FARC camps (where normal journalists don’t usually have access), illustrated with photos of smiling female fighters, on how successfully the FARC have implemented the “sexual revolution” in their ranks.[56]

Colombia is not the only place in Latin America where the former communist terrorists are now implementing cultural Marxism and still enjoy Russia’s friendship the same as in the old Soviet times.

The São Paulo Forum (FSP) is the Latin American Communist International.[57]  Many Latin American countries are nowadays run by parties/leaders belonging to FSP; most of these leaders/organizations are former “guerilleros” (read: terrorists) who used to practice the “armed struggle” for Soviet-Castrist socialism in the 60ies and 70ies. Lula da Silva and Dilma from Brazil, Mujica from Uruguay, the Kirchners in Argentina (who had former Montoneros as ministers) and their groups are examples of transformation from violent terror organizations to “normal leftist politicians” who later on managed to win democratic elections. Where the brutal Bolshevik means have failed, the subtle Gramscian means have won; unfortunately, with the contribution of the local Christian churches (profoundly affected by “liberation theology”, which is a KGB product ,[58] a typical example of Russia’s errors).

But unlike Colombia, in other cases, this transition has taken decades.

Causes represented by FSP leaders (and some FSP leaders’ own careers) are endorsed/supported by Soros – legalization of marijuana,[59] LGBT rights, environmentalism, indigenism. [60]

In spite of their outright anti-Christian cultural revolution agenda, these leaders still have important connections with “conservative” Moscow. Including military cooperation. [61]

The list of examples of Soros-Putin coincidences and common friends all over the world is in fact much longer. This does not necessarily mean to say Soros is purposely helping the Kremlin, but regardless of how these coincidences may be explained, what really matters is how much these leftist causes serve Moscow’s interests worldwide.

It is an old Russian strategy, older than the Soviet Union, to create artificial conflicts or to artificially escalate existing ones. For that purpose, the Kremlin usually has agents/friends in both sides of the game, and that allows them to influence the course of the conflict in order to promote their interests.

Their agents/traditional allies in the international left push forward the LGBT- rights agenda, gender ideology and the like – to weaken Western societies.

At the same time, the Russia offers exasperated conservatives their generous support, convincing them that Putin’s regime is the “protector of Christians”.

Thus, for instance, Russia officially “opposes” the EU cultural revolution and openly supports European “right-wing” political parties militating for EU dissolution.

But in practice Russia coincides a lot with the European leftist elite as well.

In the European Parliament, Russian interests – like energy deals, opposition to sanctions, etc. –  are not only being supported by the French Front National and other similar far-“right-wing” parties, but also, notoriously, by socialist (many of them post-communist) parties, both from Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

These leftist allies of Russia are at the same time the main political forces promoting the sexual revolution, LGBT rights, gender ideology in the EU.

Current-day Putin’s Russia, the same as Soviet Russia before her, has a lot more in common with the New World Order projects of the Western leftist elites than both parties usually admit. [62] [63]

There are of course differences, related sometimes to the fact that Western globalists have a more gradual approach, typical of the Fabian socialism, than the Russian elites; on the other hand, Western globalists do have to face opposition in their countries, at least they have to take into account public opinion, and to observe some rules that still are in place in the Western world– their Russian counterparts don’t have to mind such obstacles, they can act more brutally. [64]

But what’s more important is the fact that they have a common enemy, which is Judeo-Christian Civilization.  And a common ideological background, “Russia’s errors”.

  1. Russia’s errors and Islamic Jihad

Islam had been violent and hostile to Christianity all along the centuries.

It is a globalist project by definition. According to Islamic teaching, the world is (temporarily) split into two: “Dar al Islam”, meaning literally “house of peace”, the territory under Islamic law, and “Dar al Jihad”, “house of war”, the territory which is not (yet) under Islamic domination and has to be conquered.

The Western cultural Marxist left has been encouraging the flooding of the West with millions of Muslim immigrants.

But Islamic terrorism in its contemporary version is an explosive combination between the violent practices inspired by the “religion of peace” and “Russia’s errors”.

It was devised by KGB at the end of the 1960’s, as revealed by Romanian General Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet-bloc intelligence officer ever to have defected to the West:

By 1972, Andropov’s disinformation machinery was working around the clock to persuade the Islamic world that Israel and the United States intended to transform the rest of the world into a Zionist fiefdom. According to Andropov, the Islamic world was a petri dish in which the KGB community could nurture a virulent strain of America-hatred, grown from the bacterium of Marxist-Leninist thought. Islamic anti-Semitism ran deep. The message was simple: The Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism, and victimology. Andropov pontificated that “we” should make them feel sick to their stomachs just thinking about that “Council of the Elders of Zion” (meaning the US Congress), the aim of which was to have the Jews take over the world. We should whip up their illiterate, oppressed mobs to a fever pitch. Terrorism and violence against Israel and America would flow naturally from the Muslims’ anti-Semitic fervor, Andropov explained. [65]

Later on, ever more pro-Soviet leaders from the Middle East, who had never previously showed any special interest for religion, suddenly started justifying their hatred for the West by quoting the Quran. [66]

There is no proof whatsoever that the networks connecting the Russian secret services to Islamic terrorists have been dismantled after the official demise of the USSR. On the contrary, there is plenty of evidence of their continuation. [67] [68] [69]

Important connections between Russia and Al Qaeda have been revealed by defected FSB colonel Alexander Litvinenko, who has subsequently been killed by Moscow’s long hand in Great Britain[70] [71]. Litvinenko had declared for the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita in 2005, that “Ayman al-Zawahiri had been trained at a Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB) base in Dagestan in 1998.”

“He was then transferred to Afghanistan, where he became Osama bin Laden’s deputy.” [72] [73] [74]

“The center of global terrorism is not in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or the Chechen Republic. The terrorism infection creeps away worldwide from the cabinets of the Lubyanka Square and the Kremlin”, Alexander Litvinenko said. [75]

There are also links between Russia and the Islamic State.

Great part of the military commanders of ISIS come from Chechnya or other territories of the Russian Federation or the former Soviet Union.[76] Another great part come from Saddam Hussein’s military and secret services, which were all integrated with the Soviet ones. [77]

Brigade General Ahmad Aljjdeaa, currently deputy defense minister in the Syrian government in exile, has declared in an interview to a Polish journalist: “In Russia there are four military training centers, where fanatics are being trained who later on reinforce the army of the Islamic State (ISIS). [78]

In spite of Russian leaders declaring the contrary, Russian forces in Syria do not target ISIS positions.[79] [80] [81] [82]

  1. Russia’s errors and current-day Putin’s Russia

As we have seen, “Russia’s errors” have been spread either by brutal force or by deception, depending on the circumstances, as prescribed by Marxist dialectics.

Seen from this angle, the history of the Soviet Union itself is a sequence of hard-style totalitarianism with phases where the regime was pretending to soften-up, but what happened in fact was that for a while deception prevailed over violence. [83]

We have the first phase of Lenin’s Revolution, terror and mass murder. Later, because of the collapse of the economy, Lenin initiates the “New Economic Policy”, where some private initiative is allowed to exist.

Then Stalin comes to power, and the accent moves again towards government violence, genocide, military invasions, concentration camps.

After the death of Stalin, comrade Khrushchev takes over and denounces the abuses of his predecessor (abuses in which he himself had played a leading role) and he announces a thaw.

Then he is replaced by comrade Brezhnev and it’s again a Stalinist inspired totalitarian state. Then there is Andropov; and finally Gorbachev, who initiates perestroika and apparently lets go, gives up Marxist dogmas and allows Eastern Europe to break free and Russia to liberalize.

In his book published in 1984, “New Lies for Old Ones”, [84] the famous KGB defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, was warning the Free World against a new strategy the Soviet Union was about to implement in order to advance the Leninist project of a worldwide communist domination. According to Golitsyn, the Soviets would initiate a “liberalization”, a “democratization”, in order to make the West relax its defense.

A later book by Golitsyn, published in 1995, is called: “The Perestroika deception”, and its subtitle reads: “The World’s Slide Towards the `Second October Revolution` (`Weltoktober`)”[85]. He explains that perestroika was nothing but the continuation of the pursuit of a worldwide Leninist revolution.

And now Russia is back in USSR. Its government frames terror attacks in order to justify wars [86], kills and imprisons political opponents[87] and independent journalists[88] [89], is a constant source of instability[90], attacking neighboring countries, like Georgia and Ukraine, threatening others, like the Baltic States[91] [92], the Republic of Moldova[93], Romania and Poland[94], and threatening the whole world with a nuclear war[95].

Putin openly declares his regret for the collapse of the Soviet Union, he compares Lenin’s carcass in the mausoleum with holy Christian relics.[96] Putin’s Russia builds monuments to Stalin[97] and furiously protests against the demolition of Lenin’s statues in Ukraine.[98] And organizes big parades under the sign of the sickle and hammer. [99]

The great Russians who deserve our respect are Putin’s opponents, like Vladimir Bukovsky, or Putin’s victims (his former opponents), like Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko, who paid with their lives the courage they had to try to warn the world against this murderous post-Soviet regime.

We should at least give the appropriate attention to their message.

Meanwhile, many Christians worldwide prefer to give credit to KGB colonel Vladimir Putin and to pious oligarchs of his entourage, like Malofeev and Yakunin, as „protectors of Christianity”.

Konstantin Valerievich Malofeev is very young and very rich.

On one hand, he presides over his charitable foundation “St. Basil the Great”.

On the other hand, Malofeev’s name is on the sanctions lists of the civilized world, for supporting Russian terror in Donbass, through “former” employees of his: like Strelkov (Girkin).[100] [101] [102]

In a report on Russian war crimes in Donbass, authored by Mrs. Malgorzata Gosiewska, Polish MP for the conservative party Law and Justice, and presented in the European Parliament by Mrs. Anna Fotyga, MEP from Poland, former minister of Foreign Affairs, from the same party,  Girkin’s name appears several times.[103]

Alexey Komov,  Director of International Programs at “St. Basil’s”, is invited all over the planet by conservative Christians, to speak against Western decadence, defend Christian morality and blame the West for having exported communism to Russia in 1917.[104]

Malofeev’s  “St. Basil the Great” Foundation was one of the supporters of the “Large Families and the Future of Humanity Forum” which took place in Moscow in autumn 2014.[105] Another sponsor of the Forum was Vladimir Yakunin’s Foundation, “St. Andrew The First Called”. [106]

Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin is another very rich Russian oligarch, very close to Putin, whose name can be found on the sanctions list for supporting terror in Donbass[107] and is also being mentioned in the context of Russian mafia. [108] [109] Yakunin has headed the Russian Railways company until recently.

It is obvious that working with such allies exposes Christian groups and leaders to being used for a completely different agenda. Choosing to ignore this information is a great moral responsibility they assume before God.

The most influential intellectual of Putin’s regime is Aleksander Dugin.

He has produced a new ideology, to replace the discredited Marxism of the old USSR, and to serve as pretext for the imperial aspirations of the current-day Russian regime by providing its propaganda with new reasons for fostering hatred against Western Civilization.

Dugin’s theory is a mixture of bolshevism, Nazi-fascism, with Islamic Gnosticism, neo-paganism, masonic occultism and outright Satanism – Dugin is an admirer of Aleister Crowley.

The guide on “New religious associations from Russia, with destructive and occult features” published by the Missionary Department of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Belgorod, June 22, 2002[110]  used to warn the believers against Dugin’s doctrine, for the above mentioned reasons, thoroughly exposed and analyzed in the document.

Nevertheless, in 2013 Dugin was already being treated as a suitable dialogue partner by Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, who invited him for a friendly talk about Orthodoxy and Tradition, broadcasted by a church TV channel; thus, some years after having been signaled as destructive by the Missionary Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, Dugin’s teachings had not changed, but for some reason, had stopped being considered so dangerous by the same Russian Orthodox Church. [111]

In 2014, Dugin was openly calling for the genocide of the Ukrainians. [112]

Dugin works closely with Malofeev, to seduce Western conservatives (with a certain success, unfortunately) and make them “Russia’s fifth column” in Europe. [113] [114]

Dugin’s plans for Europe are bold: “To annex Europe is the great mission. (…) If we like European technologies, let’s seize them. (…) let’s just seize all European high tech at once. We’ll just conquer Europe, and have all of their high tech. (…) I think the assault towards the West is extremely important now. (…) A macro-global project, a truly fundamental one, the conquest of Europe.” [115]

But Dugin’s projects don’t limit to Europe, they are global.
“The battle for the world rule of [ethnic] Russians has not ended”. [116]

The plan is to unite Europe and Asia into a great Eurasian Union, from Lisbon to Vladivostock.  To include Islam in a “global crusade against the US”.

“The American Empire must be destroyed”, he teaches [117].

“The West is the geographical Satan, the geographical Antichrist. The West should pay for everything. It would be best to settle there the Chinese, Tartars, Muslims, this whole Eurasian nomadism.”[118]

“You have to create a guerilla. If you’re against the New World order, then take a knife and wear a mask, leave your house every evening and kill at least one Yankee.”[119]

“The national-bolsheviks comprehend the “irrational” not just as “not rational”, but as “the aggressive and active destruction of the rational”, as fight with the “everyday consciousness” (and the “everyday behavior”), as submersion into the “new life” element, that is the special magic existence of a “differential human”, who has discarded all outer bans and norms. “[120]

“Beyond ‘rights’ and ‘lefts’, there’s one and indivisible Revolution, in the dialectical triad ‘third Rome – third Reich – third International”.

The realm of national-bolshevism, Regnum, their Empire of the End, this is the perfect accomplishment of the greatest Revolution of the history, both continental and universal one. It is angels` return, heroes` resurrection, the heart’s uprising against the reason’s dictatorship. This last revolution is a concern of the acephalous, the headless bearer of the cross, sickle and hammer, crowned by eternal sun fylfot.”[121]

But there is more. What Dugin seems to be willing to bring about is none other that the end of the world: [122]

“The end times and the eschatological meaning of politics will not realize themselves on their own. We will wait for the end in vain. The end will never come if we wait for it, and it will never come if we do not. (…) If the Fourth Political Practice is not able to realize the end of times, then it would be invalid. The end of days should come, but it will not come by itself. This is a task, it is not a certainty. It is an active metaphysics. It is a practice.”[123]
“The meaning of Russia is that through the Russian people will be realized the last thought of God, the thought of the End of the World …  Death is the way to immortality. Love will begin when the world ends. We must long for it, like true Christians … We are uprooting the accursed Tree of Knowledge. With it will perish the Universe.”[124]
“Logos has expired and we all will be buried under its ruins unless we make an appeal to chaos and its metaphysical principles, and use them as a basis for something new.”

(The emblem of Dugin’s Eurasian Movement is the eight-pointed “Star of Chaos”.)[125]


Now we are very close to the 100th anniversary of the Fatima warning, and it really is high time to pay appropriate attention to the message that was given.

The main source of today’s worldwide war against Christianity is still to be found in “Russia’s errors“.

Other sources are secondary.

Russia has not converted. Her errors have not yet been defeated. Communism has only been forced by the circumstances to undergo a “dialectical” transformation, actually un upgrade, in order to survive its economic failure and its incapacity to keep up with the West in the arms race of the Cold War. Perestroika has been basically a deception, as Golitsyn had said.[126]

Great part of the communist networks of power and influence have survived and prospered even more by switching the accent from Stalin’s model to Lenin’s. The consequences of the Communist-inspired moral subversion of the West have not been suppressed; they continue to develop and to spread.

Cultural Marxism is now so advanced in the world that it became able to self-replicate; doesn’t even need that central coordination any more, like in the times of the Cold War; the current day network structure is far more flexible and efficient, bringing the worldwide Leninist Revolution to a new level.

There has been no repentance, no examination of conscience, no justice, no de-communization, either in Russia, or in the West – in the case of the agents and useful idiots that have served and still serve as accomplices of the moral and physical destruction inspired by Marxism.

The USSR-Putin’s Russia continuity is best expressed by Putin himself: “The collapse of the Soviet Union has been the major geopolitical disaster of the century.”[127]

“Russia’s errors” are more confusing in our time than during the Cold War.

“An army for informational operations has been set up that is much more effective and stronger than what we had previously created” Russian defense minister Shoigu recently declared. [128]

Russia’s informational warfare has been upgraded to the latest levels of postmodern cynicism[129]: unlike in the times of the Soviet Union, it is no longer a unique, rigid, recognizable ideological corpus.

Now Russia’s messages are manifold and contradictory, suited to fit the preferences of every target group: there are offers for Conservative Christians, as well as for leftist human rights groups, for libertarians, as well as for socialists, for fascists as well as for communists, etc.

The new propaganda is not trying to convince that Marxism is true, but that there is no way to know the truth, that nothing makes any sense. That there is no truth.[130]

How should Christians react to the anti-Christian global projects?

Primum non nocere. „First, do no harm”. We should at least try not to make things worse.

“For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” (Luke 16, 8)

We should remember that the war is spiritual in the first place.

Paradise cannot be achieved on earth, good and evil will still coexist in earthly realities, until the Lord Himself will come in glory to judge the world and sort everything out.

But at least a certain degree of normality can be brought about through evangelization and conversion of persons and societies. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6, 33)

We should not forget that we are not fighting only against “flesh and blood”, consumerism or sexual depravation.

If we don’t see the religious nature of the attacks against Christianity that in our century come from Russia’s errors, if we keep blaming those attacks on “capitalism”, “market”, “excessive freedom”, “climate change”, what we actually do is to ask for more control.

It’s not going to be God’s control, accepted by societies, through the personal moral choices of their citizens, free people making decisions for the common good. It’s going to be the government, the EU or the UN regulating, intervening, increasing their power, imposing laws that are contrary to God’s laws. This will increase the power of the enemies of Christianity.

„The fight for peoples’ souls begins from words” [131].

We should not adopt language and concepts from hostile ideologies. We have our Christian vocabulary, we don’t need to use politically correct newspeak.

Terms like „tolerance[132]“, „diversity”, „homophobia”, „discrimination” are not meant to describe reality, but to function as weapons in the culture war, specially devised to relegate us to a defensive position.

We should also be careful not to use Christian words, like „peace” and „freedom“ in the sense given to them by the world, not by Christ. [133]

We should not content ourselves with becoming one special interest lobby among others, in the hope of thus being able to keep some little space for us Christians in an increasingly anti-Christian society.

If we only focus on our pro-life and pro-family goals, and we let the enemies have everything else: art, history, education, politics, media, entertainment, justice, administration, economy, then we won’t be able to defend life and family for very long.

If we ignore the big picture, we will end up being manipulated and used by evil power schemes against our own Civilization – supporting Putin’s regime and becoming its instruments, increasing the power of Western globalists by asking for more control and by using politically correct language and arguments, or helping Islam advance by fighting for the “religious rights” of Muslims immigrants in Christian countries. We risk to compromise the causes we are struggling for.

What we need to defend is more than pro-life and pro family causes, it is Judeo-Christian Civilization. We need to take our world back.

We should not get impressed by seeming victories of evil.

We know that evil will not prevail.

Anca Maria Cernea
Ioan Bărbuș Foundation

Paper prepared for the II Transatlantic Summit of Policy Makers organized by the Political Network for Values, Brussels April 27th 2017

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[133]           Peace, as given by Christ (John 14, 27) is not what the UN calls “peace”; for instance, the greatest massacres in human history, those committed in the name of Communism in the XXth century, were executed by governments in times of technical “peace”.
Freedom, in the sense used by Christ, is not abolition of moral laws, on the contrary,  real freedom is salvation from sin, it can never be excessive. Instead of preaching against “excessive freedom”, Christians should denounce false freedom, which is slavery of sin. There is no freedom without truth. “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8, 31-32)

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Puteți sprijini activitatea noastră cu o donație unică sau una recurentă prin Patreon.

Anca Cernea

Anca Cernea

De profesie medic, Anca Cernea este preşedintele Fundaţiei Ioan Bărbuş, fiica fostului lider si senator naţional-ţărănist. Anca Cernea a fost vicepreşedinte al Tineretului Universitar Naţional Ţărănesc şi al Organizaţiei de Tineret a PNŢCD la începutul anilor '90. În timpul guvernării CDR, Anca Cernea a fost director al Direcţiei Relaţii Internationale în cadrul Departamentului pentru Administraţie Publică Locală al Guvernului României.

4 comentarii

  1. Andrei Țurcan
    4 iulie 2017

    Something’s not right. How does Soros fit in here if he is anti-Russian by nature and supports liberal-democracy?
    Also, when Hungary flirts with Russia, Soros openly condemns that and opposes these autocratic tendencies in the name of free speech, in the name of transparency and rule of law.

    He may be influenced by the left, but he definitely has no role to fit in with the communist subversive left agenda. He may be in sincere confusion at most.

  2. Anca Cernea
    4 iulie 2017

    People use to say many things. But if we really want to know what’s going on, facts should matter more than cliches. Soros may “openly condemn”, but it’s more important to look at what he does, where his money goes, whom he supports.

    The list of Soros-Putin common friends is just too long to be explained by mere coincidence. There must be another explanation.
    The article above does not formulate any hypothesis with regard to the possible motives. This is a matter for further research.
    And the list could have been much longer. Here is more of it (but still only a selection):



    Iran deal:


    US anti-fracking / environmentalist movements:

    Sao Paulo Forum FSP:
    FSP is the Latin American Communist International see
    the overwhelming majority of Latin American countries are nowadays run by parties/leaders belonging to FSP; most of these leaders/organizations are former guerilleros (read: terrorists) who used to practice the “armed fight” for Soviet-Cuban socialism in the 60ies and 70ies. Now they are rather in the “political fight” – with some exceptions, FARC, for example.
    They still have important connections with Moscow. Including military cooperation. On the other hand, many of the causes represented by FSP leaders (and some FSP leaders’ own careers) are endorsed/supported by Soros – like hate-USA, legalization of marijuana, LGBT rights, environmentalism, indigenism.

    Colombian „peace agreements”.
    And the sudden switch from a typical classic Marxist blood-thirsty narco-guerrilla to the most radical sort of neo-Marxist culture warriors – LGBT rights, gender ideology, etc.
    “Conservative” Russia has played a crucial role in the achievement of the “peace deal”.
    Everything looked so perfect, only on October 2nd 2016, the Colombian people decided otherwise…

    Israel / the “Palestinian cause”:

    Syriza Tsipras Greece:

    Podemos Iglesias Spain:
    warm articles on podemos written by people of the Open Society:
    Podemos is financed by Venezuela, Russia and Iran

    Immigrants crisis in Western Europe–generalul-constantin-degeratu–fost-sef-al-smg–rusia-a-folosit-fenomenul-migratiei-pentru-a-lovi-in-inima-uniunii-europene-412490

    cultural revolution attempts in Poland:

    The Polish-language comrade of CriticAtac is called Krytyka Polityczna. It’s a lot bigger and a lot more visible than CriticAtac (KP probably has smarter leaders). It is funded by Soros.
    Unlike CriticAtac, they officially criticize Russia. But there was recently a scandal involving a local leader of KP, actually the KP “coordinator” from Szczecin, who was arrested for… spying for Russia!

    At times, KP, CriticAtac and other similar-minded organizations meet together in events.
    In 2013, they met in this one.
    As you may see, on the speakers’ list there is a certain Viktor Shapinov, from Borotba (a communist pro-Russian organization in Ukraine). The guy was later arrested in Chisinau, Rep. of Moldova, together with a larger group, for preparing street riots – in November 2014, in case the parliamentary elections would be won by the pro-Western parties.
    about Borotba
    about Shapinov being arrested in Chisinau

    This other NGO, Transfuzja, is promoting transgender rights in Poland. It was founded by Anna Grodzka, formerly Krzystof Begowski (as she was still a man). (see “they support us”: Open Society Foundation, Batorego)
    Grodzka/Begowski’s past has a lot more in common with the communist regime in Poland than with the decadent West. Begowski has been a member of the communist party and has travelled a lot to the USSR during the Martial Law in Poland; later on, he tried to get involved in politics, in SLD, former communist party, but without any special success.
    Grodzka later became a member of the Polish Sejm (Parliament) and advocated “peace with Russia”, by opposing proposals to provide weapons to the Ukrainians to defend themselves from the Russian aggression.

    Antifracking protests in Romania:
    where leftist NGOs funded bt Soros, in alliance with pro-Russian far-right groups, protested in Pungesti, actually defending gazprom’s interests

    Rep. of Moldova “LGBT war”:
    The LGBT-rights movement in the Republic of Moldova is supported by Soros.
    On the other hand, it is composed mostly by ethnic Russians.
    The article from linked below describes an incident occured in 2008.The LGBT movement from Moldova organized together with similar NGOs from Russia and Ukraine the “Rainbow over the Dniester (river)” gay parade – well, Transnistria isn’t exactly a gay paradise, but the purpose of the event was a provocation, not the expression of gay pride in Moldova/Transnistria.
    The parade came under violent attack from another Russian-speaking category of citizens – the Orthodox flock of Bishop Markel – from the Moscow Patriarchate.
    As a result:
    – the LGBT activists complained at the European Union against the pro-Western, pro-Romanian authorities. The ideea was to convince the EU that Moldova was not prepared for EU accession. It is worth noticing that the most vocal accuser of the Rep of Moldova in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe regarding that particular incident was Mike Hancock, a British MP who was later found to be involved in some espionage scandal for the Russian Federation (together with his girl-friend, Russian spy Katia Zatuliveter).
    – the EU would put more pressure on the pro-European leaders in the Rep of Moldova to promote LGBT rights – which is not at all a popular cause in the region, so it would decrease the popularity of those leaders and even the will of the local public to join the EU.–moldova-34036.html

    It is a typical Russian strategy – older than communism, it was invented by the Ochrana of the czars – to organize both the provocations and the reactions to them, and take profit from both, by destroying/preventing every possible form of opposition and by confusing outsiders.

    Dr. Rafał Brzeski, Polish special services expert, interviewd by TV Republika (Polska na Dzień Dobry broadcast from January 31st 2016), indicated the two countries that have taken most profit from Soros’s financial operations and the political activism he supports, namely: respectively, Germany and Russia.

    According to Dr. Brzeski’s comment, in economic terms, Germany was the country that most had to win as a consequence of Soros’s operations against the Bank of England in the early 90s, as well as after the great Asian financial crisis of the late 90s, in which Soros also played a key role.

    In political terms, Dr. Brzeski noted, there are hints indicating that Soros could have been informed beforehand about the Soviet perestroika projects since the 80s, and he helped them by supporting certain Karta 77 circles in Chechoslovakia as well as certain groups in the Polish Solidarity actually those groups that were most favorable to an agreement with the communists and/or were found later on to have been collaborating with the communist secret services. Soros, Dr. Brzeski said in the interview, started the Open Society Foundation office in Hungary as early as 1984, under Janos Kadar’s communist regime – something that would not have been imaginable without government’s agreement.

    Just look at the people he supports in Latin America. Stedile’s MST, the Colombian FARC, Mujica’s Frente Amplio in Uruguay, Revolucion Democratica from Chile… These people belong to the Sao Paulo Forum. They are no “liberal democrats”. Not at all. They are COMMUNIST.

  3. This very article is what is needed to show the ‘status quaestionis’ about the chaos that Russia have turned the world. Olavo de Carvalho said that Russia turned himself in a crime organization like ‘Kaos’, depicted by Mel Brooks in ‘Agent 86’ series: Russia gathers all the world garbage and try to dump Israel and USA, the remaining obstacles on Earth to his goal, world domination. Unfortunately for them, God have another plan and ALL the power. We must work hard for the salvation of Russia, or wait for God’s Wrath. This really scares me.

  4. Anca Cernea
    4 iulie 2017

    Thank you very much for your comment.
    Indeed, we have to pray hard for Russia’s conversion. And ask forgiveness for her sins and errors that have contaminated the whole world, offending God so terribly.
    In the end the Trimph of Our Lady will come anyway, as promised in Quito, Ecuador 1594 and Fatima 1917.

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