Bărbaţi şi femei în Iran

Segregarea sexelor în Islam

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Emil Borcean

Emil Borcean

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  1. Imperialistu'
    6 November 2007

    Nemaipomenita imagine. Dovada vie a grijii pe care Islamul o manifesta fata de femeia musulmana.

    Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-‘Arifi Explains Wife Beating in Islam to Young Muslims in a Ramadhan Show
    Pasajul meu preferat?

    If he beats her, the beatings must be light and must not make her face ugly. He must beat her where it will not leave marks. He should not beat her on the hand… He should beat her in some places where it will not cause any damage. He should not beat her like he would beat an animal or a child – slapping them right and left. Unfortunately, many husbands beat their wives only when they get mad, and when they start beating, it as if they are punching a wall – they beat with their hands, right and left, and sometimes use their feet. Brother, it is a human being you are beating . This is forbidden. He must not do this.

    President of Al-Azhar University and Fomer Mufti of Egypt Ahmad Al-Tayyeb Explains Wife Beating in Islam

    Palestinian Authority’s Mufti Ikrima Sabri Criticizes the West for Treating Husbands Who Have Sex with Their Wives against Their Will as Rapists

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