Conservatorii americani batjocoresc încălzismul global

Adeptii fanatici ai încalzismului global considera ca fenomenul e vinovat de orice, de la topirea ghetarelor si uragane, pana la prabusiri de avioane si poduri, de la raspândirea alergiilor si holerei, pâna la prostitutia femeilor din Filipine. In cea mai buna practica revolutionara, încalzirea globala e declarata vinovata de un fenomen – „iernile anemice din Washington” de exemplu, si de contrariul acestuia – „snowapocalypse” ce a lovit recent capitala americana.

Business and Media Institute are un articol care pune cap la cap nebuniile ecologisto-liberale: In Blizzard, Conservatives Mock Global Warming Alarmists, Left and Media Outraged
The left argues that everything from hurricanes, lack of snow and a plane crash to D.C. ‘snowpocalypse’ is evidence of global warming.

Grandchildren of Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., built an igloo on the National Mall and christened it “Al Gore’s New Home.” Fox News anchor Glenn Beck employed his trademark sarcasm to make fun of the “disappearance” of warming priest Al Gore and devotee Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. since the snowfall. Beck picked on Kennedy because of a 2008 op-ed lamenting that global warming had changed the D.C. climate leading to “anemic winters.”(…)

Before the “snomageddon” (as many in D.C. called it), AGW believers constantly connected every weather event from heat waves killing thousands in Europe to Hurricane Katrina with global warming. It wasn’t until the weather started acting against them and conservatives suggested it might undermine their theories that they got touchy on the subject.

ABC’s Bill Blakemore admitted that weather is not climate on Jan. 8 in a feeble attempt to prevent critics from saying that a “cold snap” across the northern hemisphere disproves global warming. Blakemore has a long history of advocating for global warming alarmism on ABC.

Of course weather isn’t climate, but the global warming alarmists like Blakemore want it both ways. They want weather and natural disasters to be proof of warming, but never proof contradicting it.

But it’s not just weather. The media and the left have even more ridiculous assertions about climate change. Like the Kevin Bacon game they seem willing to connect everything to AGW.

Actor Danny Glover blamed global warming for the Haitian earthquake in January 2010. Leaving no tragedy unturned, Joseph Romm, a former Clinton official, actually wondered if the Minnesota bridge collapse in 2007 was a result of global warming.(…)

A media outlet called GMANews.TV based in the Philippines was concerned that global warming was forcing poor women into prostitution. The Nov. 19, 2009 story said “The effects of climate change have driven women in communities in coastal areas in poor countries like the Phillippines into dangerous work, and sometimes even the flesh trade.” (…)

Dr. John Brignell, a British engineering professor, has created a Web site linking to hundreds of media stories blaming AGW. In 2007, he had already posted more than 600 links with a number of unusual connections.

Contradictions like growth or shrinking of coral reefs, destruction or growth of bananas, and heavy or reduced snowfall were all on his list. A number of health ailments including allergies, asthma, cardiac arrest, cancer deaths in England, West Nile fever, cholera, malaria and yellow fever have also been linked.



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  1. dr pepper
    15 februarie 2010

    MAHER: Some of these things are not that difficult. I read in USA TODAY this week that if every American just gave up eating meat and cheese one day of the week, it would be the equivalent of saving 91 billion driving miles in a year.


    GILLESPIE: It’s always great when somebody else is going to sacrifice because how many cars do you own?

    MAHER: I own two.

    GILLESPIE: Okay, so would you give up both of them?

    MAHER: Both cars?

    GILLESPIE: Yeah.

    MAHER: Why would I have to give up both cars?

    GILLESPIE: Would you give up your TV show? What’s the carbon footprint of this show? Maybe, can the world do without it?

    MAHER: Am citit in USA Today saptamana asta ca daca fiecare american ar renunta la carne si branza doar o singura zi pe saptamana – aceasta ar fi echivalentul a 91 miliarde de mile conduse pe an.

    NICK: E asa de convenabil cand altii trebuie sa se sacrifice pentru… cate automobile detii?
    MAHER: Doua
    NICK: Ok, ai renunta la ele?
    MAHER: La amandoua?!?
    NICK: Da.
    MAHER: Dar de ce as renunta la amandoua?
    NICK: Ai renunta la aceasta emisiune? Cat CO2 emite acest program de televiziune? Crezi ca lumea ar fi un loc mai sigur fara aceasta?

    Reason’s Nick Gillespie Exposes Maher Hypocrisy: Would You Give Up This Show to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

    Moama ce ii croseteaza Nicky pe toti ipocritii astia.
    supertare ???? – l’a lasat fara cuvinte.

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