Lisbon Treaty Already Undermining U.S. National Security (The Foundry)

Following the introduction of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, the European Parliament has claimed its first scalp thanks to the increased powers bestowed upon it by the Treaty; and it has a distinctly anti-American flavor. Voting in Strasbourg, Parliamentarians voted down an EU-US agreement on tracking terrorist financing which was agreed in November 2009, before the passage of the Lisbon Treaty. Top Administration officials, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are reportedly furious. The Terrorism Finance Tracking Project, introduced after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is now in jeopardy. (…)

Sally McNamara, text integral în The Foundry

The European Parliament is an endemically anti-American institution which has relentlessly prosecuted the American-led war on terrorism. In 2006, it formed a temporary committee to investigate America’s extraordinary rendition program, with some MEP’s comparing U.S. detention sites with the Soviet gulags. (…)

The Administration should rue the day that it congratulated the EU on the passage of the Lisbon Treaty.

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