Comentatorii britanici despre victoria lui Cameron în ultima dezbatere, pe teme economice. Joi sunt alegerile.

via Conservative Home

„David Cameron simply refused to engage with Mr Brown, scarcely glancing in his direction and dismissing his attacks as desperate stuff from a dseperate man. He attacked Labour’s record but turned his real fire on Nick Clegg – on his party’s policies on immigration, the euro and welfare reform.” – Nick Robinson, BBC

„Mr Cameron was the only Man With A Plan last night. The Tory leader’s courage, clarity and sense of purpose must have swept away any doubts that his party can lead us out of trouble. Mr Cameron ruthlessly exposed how Brussels fanatic Mr Clegg would put us in peril by dumping the Pound for the euro – madness as financial chaos engulfs the EU.” – The Sun says.

„Cameron was very assured, delivering his best debating performance when it counted most. He was optimistic, reassuring, steady – key qualities for a leader who needs to pull back voters who have flirted with the Liberal Democrats all this month. He pressed a lot of liberal buttons about schools, the family and the poor. And at the finish he precisely encapsulated how he wants the contest to be seen: more of the same (Brown) versus uncertainty (Clegg) versus change (him). He will have felt very good as he wound down afterwards.” – Martin Kettle in The Guardian

„Suddenly tonight it feels like weeks of uncertainty have been replaced by the likelihood that Dave is going to do it.” – Benedict Brogan in The Telegraph but Matthew Engel in the FT is not so sure: „Instant opinion favoured David Cameron over Nick Clegg. But it was hard to see anything in this performance likely to give him the overall majority he craves.”

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