Papa Francisc nu e jignit de crucifixul comunist, “un simbol al dialogului și angajamentului față de libertate și progres”

În timpul vizitei în Bolivia, Papa Francisc a primit de la Evo Morales, președintele comunist și anticlerical al țării, un crucifix comunist proiectat de preotul iezuit cu simpatii comuniste, Luis Espinal.

În presa internațională s-a spus că Papa ar fi fost “șocat“, “surprins“, “deloc amuzat“, că i-ar fi spus lui Evo Morales “asta nu e bine“, că Papa l-ar fi “dojenit” pe Morales.

Ei bine, așa cum scria Anca Cernea pe ILD, în urmă cu trei zile, lucru confirmat de Papa Francisc, acesta nu s-a simtit deloc jignit de crucifixul comunist, “I understand this work. For me it wasn’t an offense.”

Din contră.

Părintele Federico Lombardi, purtătorul de cuvânt oficial al Sfântului Scaun a declarat că acest crucifix comunist reprezintă un simbol al dialogului și angajamentui față de libertate și progres“.

Papa Francisc a adăugat că a luat crucifixul comunist cu el, acasă.

100 de milioane de morți, zeci de milioane de creștini exterminați în comunism, pentru că erau creștini, sunt și ei un “simbol al dialogului și angajamentului față de libertate și progres”?


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Costin Andrieş

Costin Andrieş

Autor, co-fondator și redactor-șef ILD


  1. Costin Andrieş
    15 July 2015

    Dennis Prager (National Review):

    some commentators said that photos of the pope and Morales show that the pope was actually offended. That was a false — probably wishful — interpretation. The pope himself later announced that he was keeping the hammer-and-sickle crucifix and taking it home, saying, “I understand this work. For me it wasn’t an offense.”

    In terms of evil committed, what is the difference between the hammer and sickle and the swastika? Would the pope receive, let alone keep, a Fascist, racist, or Nazi sculpture with a crucified Christ on it? Of course not. Yet the hammer and sickle represents more human suffering than all of them combined. The number of people enslaved and murdered under the hammer and sickle dwarfs the number of people enslaved and murdered by any other doctrine in history. To make things worse, Pope Francis received this gift from a man (Morales) wearing a picture of Che Guevara on his jacket. Is that, too, not worthy of condemnation by the Vatican? Che Guevara devoted his life to undermining human liberty, and to killing innocents in the name of Communism.

    that is exactly what Communists have done wherever they have assumed power — crucified Christ by working to violently destroy Christianity and murder Christians. Second, in a figurative sense, the gift represents the mélange of Christianity and Marxism, precisely what much of the Church — again, especially in Latin America, and especially in the person of this pope — stands for.

    My heart breaks for the millions of Catholics who feel that their beloved Church is being led over a moral and religious cliff by a leftist pope and innumerable other leftists among cardinals, bishops, and parish priests. Though I am not a Catholic, my heart breaks too. The only institutions that can resist the left-wing takeover of contemporary life are religious ones. When they fail, upon which institutions can we depend?

    When the pope keeps a hammer-and-sickle crucifix; when the pope declares free-market capitalism, the one economic system that has lifted masses of people out of poverty, to be largely evil (“the dung of the devil”); when Cuba’s Cardinal Jaime Ortega declares that there are no political prisoners in Cuba; and when the pope issues an encyclical on global warming while the oldest Christian communities in the world are exterminated, it is clear that while one can still turn to individual Catholic priests and lay leaders for moral guidance, one cannot turn to the Church and its pope for moral guidance. On the contrary. One must fight back.

  2. Costin Andrieş
    15 July 2015
    As Catholics, we all want to give the benefit of the doubt to the Vicar of Christ, but when facts emerge that contradict the narrative we prefer, are we not obligated to present the truth? (…)
    t is immensely troubling, therefore, that many of the primary sources of Catholic journalism completely misreported the events surrounding the gift of the hammer and sickle crucifix of Bolivian President Evo Morales to Pope Francis on Thursday July 9, 2015. Worse, even as facts about the events themselves were clarified, and subsequent to additional clarifications from the Holy See spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, some of Catholic media outlets refused to correct what was shown to be a false narrative, leaving stories with erroneous reporting on their websites without correction for days after updated information was available.

  3. bogdan77
    15 July 2015

    Francisc ăsta ne va mai surprinde și cu alte “boroboațe” mai mari. Just wait and see.

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