Cinci propuneri pentru eradicarea islamofobiei

Islam înseamnă pace. Islam înseamnă pace. Islam înseamnă pace. Islam înseamnă pace. Islam înseamnă pace.

Se aude şi la infidelii din spate?

Iar pace înseamnă: dragi musulmani, trăiţi paşnic pînă cînd deveniţi puternici.

One of the world’s most respected Deobandi scholars believes that aggressive military jihad should be waged by Muslims “to establish the supremacy of Islam” worldwide.

Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani argues that Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practise Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle.

His views explode the myth that the creed of offensive, expansionist jihad represents a distortion of traditional Islamic thinking.

Mr Usmani, 64, sat for 20 years as a Sharia judge in Pakistan’s Supreme Court. He is an adviser to several global financial institutions and a regular visitor to Britain. Polite and softly spoken, he revealed to The Times a detailed knowledge of world events and his words, for the most part, were balanced and considered.

He agreed that it was wrong to suggest that the entire nonMuslim world was intent on destroying Islam. Yet this is a man who, in his published work, argues the case for Muslims to wage an expansionist war against nonMuslim lands.

Mr Usmani’s justification for aggressive military jihad as a means of establishing global Islamic supremacy is revealed at the climax of his book, Islam and Modernism. The work is a polemic against Islamic modernists who seek to convert the entire Koran into “a poetic and metaphorical book” because, he says, they have been bewitched by Western culture and ideology.

The final chapter delivers a rebuke to those who believe that only defensive jihad (fighting to defend a Muslim land that is under attack or occupation) is permissible in Islam. He refutes the suggestion that jihad is unlawful against a nonMuslim state that freely permits the preaching of Islam.

For Mr Usmani, “the question is whether aggressive battle is by itself commendable or not”. “If it is, why should the Muslims stop simply because territorial expansion in these days is regarded as bad? And if it is not commendable, but deplorable, why did Islam not stop it in the past?”

He answers his own question thus: “Even in those days . . . aggressive jihads were waged . . . because it was truly commendable for establishing the grandeur of the religion of Allah.”

These words are not the product of a radical extremist. They come from the pen of one of the most acclaimed scholars in the Deobandi tradition.

Mr Usmani told The Times that Islam and Modernism was an English translation of his original Urdu book, “which at times gives a connotation different from the original”.

Islam înseamnă pace. Islam înseamnă pace. Islam înseamnă pace.

Iar voi, dragi musulmani, să ştiţi că Thanksgiving, Crăciunul, Anul Nou, sărbătorirea zilei de naştere, plimbatul cîinelui, fotografiile de familie, pălăriile, privitul întrecerilor sportive şi datul mîinii cu persoane de sex opus sînt obiceiuri de kuffar necredincios. Verboten la musulmani.

TORONTO – A Toronto mosque is telling Muslims not to say „Happy Thanksgiving” or invite friends into their homes for turkey dinner on the holiday weekend.

The Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque says to „avoid participating” in dinners, parties or greetings on Thanksgiving because it is a kuffaar, or non-Muslim, celebration.

A two-part article on the mosque Web site says Muslims should also „stay completely away” from „Halloween trick-and treat nonsense,” Christmas, New Year’s, anniversaries, birthdays and Earth Day.

„How can we bring ourselves to congratulate or wish people well for their disobedience to Allah? Thus expressions such as:Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, etc, are completely out,” it says.

In 2003, the Khalid mosque, which mainly serves the Toronto Somali-Canadian community, apologized for a newsletter that compared wishing someone a Merry Christmas to congratulating a murderer.

At the time, a junior employee was blamed for the slight, but the mosque’s Web site has since posted similar edicts covering not only Christmas but also virtually every other Western celebration.

Muslims who participate in the holidays are termed ignorant and hypocritical.

While not all are religious holidays, the Internet site says Muslims are required to be different from non-Muslims „in matters which are representative of them or are characteristic of their identity.”

Also banned, it says, are: watching sports or soap operas, walking dogs, family photos, wedding bands, Western hats, mingling and shaking hands with the opposite sex.

„Allah and his messenger have warned us against following or imitating non-Muslims in things which are characteristic of their religion or beliefs. This is more emphasized in the case of their eids [festivals] or occasions, which always hold some religious or ideological non-Islamic meanings, and on which the kuffaar indulge in many evil practices.”

The Web site also has a question-and-answer section, which advises that Muslims can join political parties only if they are „able to exert some influence on the direction of the party so that it will take an Islamic direction.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A section, it says that, „with strong determination and patience, the world will God-willing be under the Muslims’ control.”

The mosque is run by a federally registered charity. Rival factions within the Somali Muslim community are fighting in court for control of the charity. The mosque president could not be reached yesterday.

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Emil Borcean

Emil Borcean

Un comentariu

  1. Francesco
    6 octombrie 2007

    Numele lui Muhammad Taqi Usmani este foarte cunoscut in lumea islamica pentru autoritatea discursului sau religios, fiind un exponent de prim rang al sectei Deoband, o miscare de emancipare sunnita din arealul subcontinentului indian ce a acaparat si comunitatile musulmane britanice.

    Muftiul Usmani se pricepe la o multime de lucruri de „larg interes” in lumea islamica. Astfel, pe langa propovaduirea preceptelor Deoband cu privire la puritatea discursului islamic si la respingerea modernitatii, fostul judecator pakistanez (la Curtea Sharia, of course) se poate lauda si cu alte domenii de interes, dar toate legate de „religia pacii”. Astfel, a dezvoltat teoriile care stau la baza asa-numitei „finante islamice”, forme de deghizare religioasa a dobanzii in relatiile bancare care sa nu contravina formal Coranului. Consultanta sa bancara este deosebit de generos platita de clienti, fiind voci ce sustin ca sume de ordinul 300000 USD ar fi necesare pentru a se declara ca fiind necontrare islamului operatiuni financiare ce nu pot avea rubrica dobanda. Reamintesc aici preceptul coranic de interzicere a dobanzii caruia i s-au gasit subterfugii scolastice de care Usmani nu este strain.
    Un alt domeniu in care Usmani este mare expert este cel al sacrificarii animalelor. Asifel, cartea sa „The Islamic Laws of Animal Slaughter: A Discussion on the Islamic Laws for Slaughtering Animals & a Survey of Modern-Day Slaughtering Methods” ne expune principiile islamiste ale macelaririi animalelor in epoca moderna. Imi vine …greu sa admit o asa nedreptate ca multimea de atentatori sinucigasi afgani si pakistanezi adepti ai Deobandi (marea majoritate a atenatorilor din Afganistan sunt pakistanezi pashtun) nu apuca ziua fericita in care sa poata intelege de ce unii islamic scholars ca Usmani traiesc bine mersi in timp ce ei sunt un fel de carne de tun. Dar asa este pe lumea asta, unii cu banii altii cu paradisul unde-i asteapta huriile!

    Despre amenintarea explicita adresata Marii Britanii ar trebui sa se preocupe in primul rand publicul britanic, ca sa devina constient de amenintarea pe care o comporta prezenta bunilor sai paki, atat de iubiti in mediile multiculturaliste de stanga.

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