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Îndoctrinare, ură şi declaraţie de război.

Cînd produci astfel de reclame întru exaltarea conştiintei ecologice, e firesc să publici şi rînduri ca acestea:

Să vorbim despre cum va arăta nesupunerea civilă în masă.

„Dacă eşti unul dintre cei care şi-au petrecut viaţa subminînd legislaţia climatică progresistă, instrumentînd credibilitatea ştiinţei de doi bani, iscînd dezbateri contrafăcute în jurul unor soluţii false şi îndrumînd guverne alese democratic către supuşenia unei cirezi de vaci, atunci ascultă:

Ştim cine sînteţi. Ştim unde trăiţi. Ştim unde munciţi. Iar noi sîntem mulţi şi voi sînteţi puţini.”

Will the real ClimateGate please stand up?

Postarea iniţială de pe situl a fost înlocuită de cenuşă turnată în cap şi reafirmarea crezului Greenpeace.

Of course the anti-science brigade on the web has seized on the line in Gene’s post and run with it (and will run and run and run), taken it out of context and run with it some more – it’s what the climate contrarians exist to do.

Aşa se întreţin relaţiile publice: cu coada pe sus printre regrete de convenienţă.

Patrick Moore, canadian din Vancouver, a fost unul dintre membrii fondatori ai Greenpeace. La un moment dat a părăsit organizaţia. Dinăuntru, a văzut clar cultura de îndoctrinare, ură şi confruntare viscerală. A înfiinţat, demult, organizaţia ecologică Greenspirit… sînt convins că nimeni dintre cei ce citesc aceste rînduri nu au auzit de Greenspirit… e firesc, Greenspirit nu are buget de peste $100 milioane anual şi nu a declarat război lumii.

By the mid-1980’s Greenpeace had grown from that church basement into an organization with an income of over US$100 million per year, offices in 21 countries and over 100 campaigns around the world, now tackling toxic waste, acid rain, uranium mining and drift net fishing as well as the original issues. We had won over a majority of the public in the industrialized democracies. Presidents and prime ministers were talking about the environment on a daily basis.

For me it was time to make a change. I had been against at least three or four things every day of my life for 15 years; I decided I’d like to be in favor of something for a change. I made the transition from the politics of confrontation to the politics of building consensus. After all, when a majority of people decide they agree with you it is probably time to stop hitting them over the head with a stick and sit down and talk to them about finding solutions to our environmental problems.


Not all my former colleagues saw things that way. They rejected consensus politics and sustainable development in favor of continued confrontation and ever-increasing extremism. They ushered in an era of zero tolerance and left-wing politics. Some of the features of this environmental extremism are:

Environmental extremists are anti-human. Humans are characterized as a cancer on the Earth. To quote eco-extremist Herb Hammond, „of all the components of the ecosystem, humans are the only ones we know to be completely optional”. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

They are anti-science and technology. All large machines are seen as inherently destructive and unnatural. Science is invoked to justify positions that have nothing to do with science. Unfounded opinion is accepted over demonstrated fact.

Environmental extremists are anti-trade, not just free trade but anti-trade in general. In the name of bioregionalism they would bring in an age of ultra-nationalist xenophobia. The original „Whole Earth” vision of one world family is lost in a hysterical campaign against globalization and free trade.

They are anti-business. All large corporations are depicted as inherently driven by greed and corruption. Profits are definitely not politically correct. The liberal democratic, market-based model is rejected even though no viable alternative is proposed to provide for the material needs of 6 billion people. As expressed by the Native Forest Network, „it is necessary to adopt a global phase out strategy of consumer based industrial capitalism.” I think they mean civilization.

And they are just plain anti-civilization. In the final analysis, eco- extremists project a naive vision of returning to the supposedly utopian existence in the garden of Eden, conveniently forgetting that in the old days people lived to an average age of 35, and there were no dentists. In their Brave New World there will be no more chemicals, no more airplanes, and certainly no more polyester suits.

Environmentalism for the 21st Century

Despre titlul acestei postări. Greenpiss nu trimite către „urina verde”. Trimite către „furia verde”. I am pissed, înseamnă „sînt supărat” sau „sînt furios”. Rămîne un joc de cuvinte ambiguu, dar acesta e sensul final.

Acum ştiu. Sensul exact al acestui joc de cuvinte este FiereaVerde.

Emil Borcean

Emil Borcean

7 comentarii

  1. Flo
    6 aprilie 2010

    Asta face Greenpiss-ul cu banii de la UE (care sunt si ai mei)?
    Indoctrineaza copiii sa le declare razboi adultilor?
    Imi vreau banii inapoi si vreau sa-i dau in judecata. Eu ma indoiesc ca filmuletul asta ar fi legal… Am sa ma documentez si revin…

  2. Schwarzmann Skinski
    6 aprilie 2010

    Au sluţit faţa unui copil cu sentimentul urii! Parcă nimic nu e mai urât.

  3. Imperialistu'
    6 aprilie 2010

    Parintii trebuie luati la rost pentru ca au crescut o astfel de podoaba, iar Greenpeace trebuie dezmembrata. Fondata de rosii, sustinuta de nebuni, promoveaza ura si prostie.

  4. vecinul
    6 aprilie 2010

    Doar pentru asta, l-as pune pe Goe Activistu’ sa-mi sape gradina la o pana de harlet. La urma urmei, e o activitate „green”.

  5. dr pepper
    6 aprilie 2010

    n’or sa mai existe pesti in oceane pana o sa se faca el mare sa matraseasca toti adultii?
    costin te rog sa faci embed la poza asta:…..rp-catcher

    e cumplit unde s’a ajuns!


    astia masoara partzu’ de la vaca de grija incalzirii globale!

  6. costin
    6 aprilie 2010

    10:10 Mini-Movie – No Pressure, Eco-Terrorism Video

    Global warming activists 10:10 Global take the idea of eco-terrorism to a whole new level. Hoping to generate more buzz for their ’cause,’ we hope they get more than they can handle — the kind that will completely redirect their efforts. We posted their video to shed more light on the true ‘spirit’ of progressives who continue to peddle global myth at the expense of humanity.

    WARNING #1: Do NOT watch this video if you wish to avoid portrayals of extreme violence, genocide, child murders, demonic practice and terrorism — all in the name of environmentalism.

    WARNING #2: This is not a one-off situation. This is NOT a ‘movie’ — that’s Orwellian speak. This is a full-blown climate change ad campaign sponsored by numerous large corporations.

  7. dr pepper
    6 aprilie 2010


    Bin Laden criticizes Pakistan relief, urges climate action

    Bin Laden also touches on global warming, the second time he is believed to have made climate change a prominent theme of one of his statements.

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