“Islamofobia” din Statele Unite

Conceptul de hate crime are multe probleme, corectitudinea politică fiind vinovată de o mulţime de exagerări legate de acest fenomen. Subiectul nu ne interesează în acest moment. Necesită o discuţie mult mai serioasă a fenomenului, pe care nu o vom face acum, mărginindu-ne la observaţia că se practică standarde diferite: progresistii consideră că minoritaţile nu pot fi vinovate de hate crimes. Să zicem că suntem de acord cu ei. Mai mult, presupunem că avem de a face cu autentice crime din ură şi trecem mai departe.

Raportul FBI pe 2006 privind hate crimes comise pe teritoriul Statelor Unite ale Americii oferă un tablou cu totul diferit decât cel prezentat de Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Conform organizaţiei islamice, americanii ar avea o imagine din ce in ce mai distorsionată asupra Islamului şi a adepţilor săi, aceasta răsfrângându-se în mod negativ asupra musulmanilor americani. CAIR se plânge tot timpul că musulmanii americani sunt victimele „islamofobiei” din societatea americană. După tonul pe care îl au uneori reprezentanţii săi, ai zice ca musulmanii sunt efectiv vanati pe teritoriul american. Raportul FBI contrazice afirmatiile organizatiei islamice: in 2006, au fost identificate doar 191 de hate crimes anti-musulmane, un număr semnificativ mai mic decât al celor anti-evreiesti (1027). Ajungem la concluzia că avem de a face mai degraba cu antisemitism decât cu celebra „islamofobie”. Cum se explică aceste cifre?

Foarte uşor, ar spune unii: FBI-ul ascunde realitatea, doar este o unealtă americano-sionistă, profund anti-islamică. Exagerează atunci când sunt afectaţi evrei şi ascunde sub preş atunci când victimele sunt musulmane. Normal, America îi urăşte pe musulmani.

What have we as a people seen from the US in the past half century but an absence of respect for Muslim life, culture or religion, contempt and disregard for our rights and finally murder and torture from Afghanistan to Iraq.

The US has further driven us to dislike America with its blind support for a colonialist power such as Israel, in fact the only one left in the region. Whenever we have tried in the past to help alleviate the plight of the Palestinians we only got vetoed by the US at the UN Security Council followed by the free flow of arms and money to kill our fellow compatriots from Palestine to Lebanon. And whenever we Arabs try to get arms to defend ourselves against one of the strongest armies in the world, which has never hesitated in using its destructive power with impunity against us, we are blocked by America from acquiring the means by which we could defend ourselves.

We have watched America attack us, destroy us, impose embargoes against our nations and then conquer our lands, imprison our people and generally deal with us as though we are savage animals whereby every single law be it international or even American is totally disregarded when it concerns the rights of Arab and Muslim individuals. Then they ask us why we hate them? Tell me why do you hate us? What terrible crime have the Muslims committed against you in the past to deserve your interminable enmity? What have we done to see you rampage through our lands destroying and killing, then claiming obscenely that it was worth it for the sake of liberty and democracy?

Is it worth it for the million and a half Iraqis murdered in the embargo or the thousands of Afghans killed by your ever so “smart” bombs? Or should we ask the Iraqis of today, whom you’ve killed by the thousands? Was all this death and destruction worth it for them? Did you ever bother to ask their opinion before you played God with the lives and destinies of this nation?

Finally, you take aim at our religion by humiliating our beliefs. You abuse our book, use our convictions to torture us and degrade us, disregarding your own laws and religion which is as noble as ours and to which torture and humiliation is anathema.

What were you thinking when you threw the Qur’an in the toilet or when you used religion as a means of torture? I fail to see the efficacy of such actions in the so-called war on terror. These methods only point to a deep sickness in your society to which it will take decades for us and the rest of the world to understand its cause and to measure its destructive results. No, the question which someday will have to be answered is why, why do you the Americans hate us the Muslims so much?

Why do Americans hate Muslims?

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Vlad M.

Vlad M.

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