Obama si datoria marturisirii de credinta

Robert Spencer despre administratia obamizata

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Vlad P.

Vlad P.

4 comentarii

  1. Imperialistu'
    21 decembrie 2009

    Vlade, da’ mai multe detalii nu ne dai si tu? Ne lasi asa? ????

  2. Francesco
    21 decembrie 2009

    „Spencer you will pay the price”

    Asa se numeste o postare a lui Robert Spencer de pe Jihad Watch. Reproduc prima parte:

    I hadn’t planned to publish these, as I am not here to give this psychopath a platform, but several people have advised me to do so for several reasons: these are illustrative of tendencies that run throughout the Islamic world, and shedding light on the jihadist mindset is what we are all about here. Certainly they illustrate the bloodlust and hate that pass for religious fervor among all too many Muslims.

    Also, some of you Internet sleuths can find out more information about the sender, which may contribute ultimately to his being brought to justice, or at least being prevented from ever entering the United States. Thus here are four new death threats I received last night and this morning from IP address, who has threatened to kill me before. He was apparently excited by the death threats I posted yesterday, and hopes that soon his offended piety will find succor in my blood. As for me, the more of these I get, the more determined I become to keep working not to allow thuggery and intimidation to triumph over justice, equality of rights, freedom of speech, and the rule of law.

    „Ka’ab Binu Ashraf” was a poet who criticized Muhammad and was murdered on his order. „VAN-Goooordhd,” „THEO Gogh,” and „GOOGH” refer to Theo van Gogh, who was murdered by a jihadist on a street in Amsterdam a few years ago.
    Received at 11:06PM Pacific Time last night:

    Yes. Yes..We finally reached out him. Ka’ab Binu Ashraf has been traced. He will be soon found.
    Will this be like VAN-Goooordhd. I am not sure. Allah Knows.. But Spencer you will pay the price

    You insulted us enough, you insulted our religion-faith and our Prophet (Pbuh.)
    We are not Cowards and never fear from any human-beings.
    Just wait to pay the price.
    You took your liberty to say every negative propoganda to Islam and Islam will take its liberty to defend the FAITH.

  3. vlad
    21 decembrie 2009

    Imperialistule ????

    daca timpul imi va permite voi croseta si ceva detalii. sunt foarte prins acum cu altele si nu prea am acces la net. am tinut sa aduc la cunostinta acest fragment

    keep in touch ????

  4. costin
    21 decembrie 2009


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