Stop the violence and threats! Solidarity of Romanian Greek Catholics with their Ukrainian brethern and with all citizens of Ukraine

Romanian Greek-catholics ask for „an end to the violence and threats” both against the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church and the entire Ukrainian people

On Sunday, February 2nd 2014, feast of the Presentation of the Lord, prayers and religious services will be celebrated in all places of worship of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church for the intention of the Greek-Catholic Church of Ukraine and all Ukrainians who currenly undergo „times of trial”, wrote in his letter of solidarity Lucian Cardinal Mureșan, Major Archbishop of the Romanian Church United with Rome.

„The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church seems to be struck in a very special way by attacks of hatred, in a context where Christians – who are also citizens – want to live together in a free and democratic country with no corruption, no lies and no violence”, His Beatitude Lucian said. „We express our concern over the threats against the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, because they remind of the spirit in which its repression and its ban were prepared in 1946. In the same way as our Church, the Ukrainian Church keeps a direct memory of the persecution against the faith that unfortunately seems to be reemerging on the horizon in the neighboring country.”

The Major Archbishop of the Romanian Church United with Rome „urges ” the Romanian believers to show their „fraternal solidarity with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in these dramatic moments , especially through prayer to the Lord of Peace, Father of the Age to come, the One who unites us in faith and service.”

„We join our voice to His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk’s, Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church to demand an end to the violence and threats both against members of this Church that has been through so much trial and against the entire Ukrainian people” says the high Romanian Greek Catholic hierarch.


Solidarité de l’Église Roumanie Gréco-catholique avec les ukrainiens qui «veulent vivre dans un pays libre et démocratique»


Cardinalul Lucian cere `încetarea violențelor și amenințărilor` la adresa Bisericii Greco-Catolice din Ucraina și a ucrainenilor care `doresc să viețuiască într-o țară liberă și democratică’



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    Eastern European Christians pray for Ukraine:…..ons/55163/

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